A: 8 Northumberland Avenue, London, WC2N 5BY

Eventbrite: The Future of the Experience Economy

‘The Future of the Experience Economy,’ was a half-day conference that took an aspirational and visionary look at how events and live experiences would evolve over the next 5-10 years, as consumer attitudes change, and digital technologies continue to impact the world.

Event objectives:

  • To successfully host an interesting and informative event
  • To inform event professionals about some of the exciting advances taking place in the industry
  • To create event content to be distributed via social media

Was the venue's location an important aspect of your event?

"It was very important as we needed to make sure it was easily accessible for our attendees who were coming from all across London."

Being a central London venue has many benefits such as multiple transport links and being incredibly easy to find.

Was the style of the venue a key factor for your event?

"In searching for the perfect venue to host this event, we were looking for a prestigious venue with heritage; but most importantly one that was embracing technology to enhance the live event experience. 8 Northumberland Avenue presents that perfect blend of tradition and technology innovation we were looking for."

Looking for a central London venue that can cover all aspects can be challenging, that's why along with our location we pride ourselves on being a historically beautiful and interesting building yet with forward thinking technology.


How did the venue's technology contribute to your event?

"The Intelligent Lighting system allowed us to create a room that was 100% on-brand; while our attendees were able to test out the application of virtual reality for themselves."

Technology was a main factor in Eventbrite's decision to host their event at 8 Northumberland Avenue due to our Intelligent Lighting system, the strong wifi for maximum social media coverage throughout the afternoon and the general knowledge of future event technologies.

Was the event a success?

"Absolutely. We had a completely packed out room, and everyone responded really positively to the content, with audience participation helping us trend on Twitter the whole afternoon."

Mark Walker, Head of Content Marketing

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8 Northumberland Avenue

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