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The experts guide to events - Planning an after party fit for the stars

After parties are star-studded events taking place after the opening night of a major film, play or musical production. These press-filled events dominate the news columns for days after and can be a major source of publicity for your event management company or venue.

Bring in soft seating and private bars for these exclusive areas, as we did for the ‘Theory of Everything’ premiere afterparty.

There are approximately forty theatres in the West End alone and new box office films are released each month. Grasp these numerous opportunities and contribute to these glamorous affairs. 

With a VIP attendance, putting on a party fit for the stars is no easy task. Having assisted in the creation of many afterparties at our central London venue, including West End musicals such as Bend It Like Beckham and Dream Girls, our Sales Manager Olivia offers her advice to plan the perfect after party. 


With all the excitement and anticipation that surrounds them, after parties are bound to be popular events. Having waited for a prolonged period of time, coupled with vast amounts of publicity, these events will be in people’s diaries for weeks. 

Exposing your event management company or venue to this amount of people is purely beneficial, but the logistics do need to be considered for a successful event. The catering, beverages, layout and entertainment should all be chosen with a large audience in mind. 

Advise your client accordingly in order to provide the best solution possible. For example, entertainment should be a band or performance that multiple people can enjoy at once, rather than individual acts such as caricaturists or table magicians. 


Given the large quantities of people, the catering needs to be reflective of this. Food needs to be served quickly and easy to eat. The beverages need to be easy drinking and served on consumption.

Arriving straight from the premier, people will be hungry and thirsty so it’s important that the guests are served promptly on arrival and as quick as possible. Offer food that is bitesize, yet filling and delicious, as the perfect accompaniment to the evening. Mini hot dogs, burgers and bowl foods are always crowd pleasers.

We suggest offering guests a drink immediately on arrival, firstly to set the precedent for the evening but also to ensure that everyone has been taken care of. Having an unlimited drinks package that can be distributed by tray service; means guests will always be in close proximity to a drink. 


After parties require certain elements that are not always needed at other events. Gaining positive reviews and press releases is the primary motivation for these events, so consider these elements carefully. 

Having such an emphasis on the press, space for step and repeat boards, media rooms and photographers will need to be available. In addition to this, VIP rooms for the cast and their family should be luxurious and accommodating. Bring in soft seating and private bars for these exclusive areas, as we did for the ‘Theory of Everything’ premiere afterparty.


Tying the afterparty in with its accompanying film, play or musical is a nice touch and will bring the event together. Subtle or over the top, there’s no correct way to do this. 

One idea that we recommend is having costumes for the waiters as well as themed canape trays. Simple yet effective, it will add some theatre to the evening in a fun way. 

Props from the set or relevant games where guests can feel part of the production are perfect for entertainment whilst promoting the show. Bend It Like Beckham had a football shootout at its afterparty which proved to be hugely popular. 

These small touches will immerse your guests, therefore, increasing positive reviews and ticket sales once the show is available. 

If you’re planning an after party, get in touch with Olivia who can provide you with event consultation. 

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