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How To Secure Premium Sponsorship for Your Event

Obtaining the correct sponsorship can add so much to your event from additional revenue and promotions. We offer our guidance to securing premium sponsorship.

49% of event organisers agree that finding sponsorship is the second most stressful element of planning an event

Most events rely on sponsorship, and rightly so. They offer entertainment through networking opportunities, bring in clients through their promotion and provide additional revenue to put back into the event. 

Securing the best sponsorship is therefore essential, but this task is getting harder. 

A staggering 49% of event organisers agree that finding sponsorship is the second most stressful element of planning an event, behind budgeting. This is projected to get worse as 17% are finding that sponsorship rates are decreasing. Don’t resign yourself to thinking that this decline is an accepted and assured fact. Using our strategic plan, you will be sure to obtain the best sponsors for your event, even at the toughest of times.   


Whilst there will always be a need for outbound promotion in securing sponsorship, the goal is to have sponsors come to you – rather than the other way around. To win over the most prestigious sponsorship deals, you’ll need to pay attention to your desirability.  

Create a buzz around your event and you will be perceived as a valuable and desired investment. Effective promotion is key! Your branding and event pages must be immaculately thought out and directed at the correct audience. 

Whilst being aesthetically appealing offers benefits, it’s integral that your event stands out. Offer and clearly promote the latest in technology, topics of discussion and speakers. On top of this, it will be advantageous to leak information of companies planned to attend; the fear of missing out will drive sponsors to your event and will prove your value. 

More importantly, through social media, you will be able to establish a community of unbiased and rigorous supporters. Communicating with your audience on these platforms, in such an open way, will be undeniable proof of your popularity. Sponsors will see this and fight to be a part of this in-demand event. 


A lot of time will be wasted unless you do rigorous research into the correct companies to contact. Only create a list of companies that would add value to your event, as well as being relevant to your demographic. 

From the data collected at past events, you will be able to ascertain the particular preferences of your attendees and contact the most suitable companies accordingly. It will increase your chances of securing their business, but more importantly, it will enhance your delegates event experience by having appropriate companies to interact with. 

Always overcompensate for the number of companies that you will need to reach out to and double check that they have sponsored events before, as this will double your chances of a positive response. 

Our top tip is to research similar industry events, and their sponsors, that are planned to take place at the same time as your event. This way, you can avoid wasting energy by contacting companies that will already be occupied. 


Data from events is as integral to you as it is to your sponsors. Their primary concern has, and will always be, gaining access to a relevant and interested audience, and your data can prove this. 

Any details such as where they live, their hobbies and even pets, will reveal if your delegates are the correct audience for your sponsors. This may reduce your offering from thousands to hundreds of relevant prospects, but we guarantee that a smaller group who are genuinely interested in your sponsor’s products are twice as valuable.  


Providing an offer that is so good that sponsors cannot refuse will make your job a whole lot easier. Offer a bespoke experience through personalised packages that match your prospect’s needs. 

Tailoring packages in accordance with their requirements and budget will undoubtedly increase your chances of confirming a sponsorship deal.


You may think that having secured successful sponsorship at your current event means the job is done. But what about the years to come? Establishing a strong working relationship with your sponsors will offer you confidence in their return for the forthcoming events. 

Provide a five-star service for them throughout the event, accommodating their requests as much as possible. It is always a good idea to share all the data you collate before, during and after the event with your sponsors; they will gain valuable information which will verify their decision to sign up for the following year.

With help securing your ideal sponsors, contact the team now. 

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