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How to Provide Event Entertainment with a Difference

Entertainment can easily be outdated, stay ahead of the game with our ideas for different entertainment.

Live cooking stations are a great way to offer your guests some unique entertainment

Entertainment is the most anticipated part of any event. Once the formalities are out of the way, everyone waits patiently for the fun to begin. 

The responsibility of ending an evening on a high, therefore, falls to memorable entertainment. 

Photobooths and DJs have now reached the point of overuse and are the expected norm at events. To help differentiate your event entertainment from the masses, we’ve offered a list of unique entertainment with a difference to suit any audience. 


Even though it’s predictable, a well-established show band cannot be beaten. Entertaining, extremely talented and energetic, they are guaranteed to wow your guests and have every person on their feet. 

Each year at our central London New Years Eve Party, our fantastic band is the centrepiece of the evening. Interactive and able to read their audience, the majority of guests return the following year to see them play once again. To ensure that this investment is worthwhile, put aside a large portion of your budget to secure the best band possible.

However, there are now many alternatives available to modernise this traditional entertainment. 

Neon acts, such as drummers or dancers, use the latest technology to entertain their audience. Combining LED strobe lighting with interactive equipment and neon costumes, they are able to transform the typical musical act into something entirely different. Still able to provide the same outcome as a band by encouraging people to dance, they will also have the added benefit of refreshing a stagnant event.  

Alternatively, cover bands or impersonators can offer a cheesy yet comedic alternative. Consider your audience’s demographic to decide which option would be best suitable. 

Thinking outside of the box with your musical performers can therefore easily rejuvenate your event. 


Any entertainment act that is able to engage and interact with your guests will be a winner.  

Corporate comedians or celebrity hosts will undoubtedly deliver on humour. During receptions, acts such as stilt walkers, contortionists, actors and aerial artists will be more preferable as they can be on the event floor, talking to and interacting with guests. 

For an immersive experience, coordinate the entertainment with the event’s theme as we do for our themed Christmas parties. Previous years have seen the cast of ‘Cluedo’ for our murder mystery theme, ‘House of Clues’ or sea creature stilt walkers for the ‘Lost Palace of Atlantis’. They were all a huge success and added to the ambience of the evening - immersing guests into the event.

There is certainly a specific act which can match any event theme. 


Improving every day, technological advancements are widening the possibilities of event entertainment. From laser shows to LED photobooths, our central London venue has seen it all; and they never fail to amaze.

Prove your events leading status by offering the latest and most advanced event entertainment technology. Virtual or augmented reality gaming, robotics, interactive walls and LED dancers/entertainers are just some of the latest crazes for you to make use of.


Who doesn’t revert back to a child when given the opportunity to ride a rollercoaster or hook a duck? You can give your guests this childish happiness at your events by hiring in games and activities. 

Take them back to their youth with vintage games such as a coconut shy or hoopla, or go modern with virtual reality challenges and the latest gaming consoles. Project this onto a large LED wall to enable mass audience participation. 

Scavenger hunts are also a perfect and budget-conscious alternative to entertain your guests through competition. Sending your attendees out in the local area will give them a break from the confinements of the venue, meaning they will return entertained as well as refreshed. 

Through this healthy competition, you will encourage networking and relationship building amongst your attendees. 


Live cooking stations are a great way to offer your guests some unique entertainment. Providing theatre as well as a backstage experience, allowing your guests the privilege to watch chefs at work will offer them a sense of prestige. 

Be sure to combine this with food stations where guests can customise their orders for that added personal touch. Stations such as this are great for theming. Chinese, British, Indian, American are just some of the elaborately decorated stations that we’ve used at our central London venue. 

Additionally, the latest trend of custom made dessert tables is bound to be a huge success. Starting off with a blank table, the chefs then draw on and design the masterpiece in front of your eyes; we guarantee your guests won’t have seen this before. 

To enhance this experience further think about the catering itself. Doughnut walls, edible bubbles, flavoured air or even liquid nitrogen ice cream. There are countless catering possibilities for you to push the boundaries and bring to your event. 

Exciting your guests with something new will encourage their own promotion of the event via social media which is priceless. 

If you're looking for some inspiration for your event entertainment then contact our sales team.

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