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How to inspire charity donations at your fundraising event

If you're looking to increase your fundraising donations then read our top tips for inspiring guests to contribute to your charity.

Your fundraising efforts must start long before the event begins

For charities or any philanthropic organisation, the most important element of their event is to raise large amounts of money. Fundraising events provide the ideal platform for this charitable activity. 

The potential for your event to make a difference is unstoppable. One of the most famous benefit concerts in history, Live Aid, raised a staggering £30 million back in 1985. In the UK alone, Cancer Research tops the league table by raising £48 million in 2016 with its ‘Race for Life’.

However, raising large amounts of money is not a simple as throwing an exciting event. Getting people through the door is one step but getting them to part with their money is a different story. They need to be enthused and excited to donate. 

Using our top ways to inspire your guests’ charitable donations, you’ll have no problem hitting your desired target. 


Your fundraising efforts must start long before the event begins. Without a pre-established and growing donation pot, your guests will have little desire to contribute. 

Let your attendees know you are committed to the chosen cause through previous months of work collecting money. It will encourage them to join in on the successful mission. 

Even the smallest of efforts such as donation buckets or ‘Go fund me

Pages’ will make a big difference. Decreasing the target like this, even by a small amount, will make the fundraising task that bit more achievable and therefore inspire further donations. 


Stories are the best way to emote your audience. Facts and figures can only do so much; stories are the way to get to people’s hearts. 

Find the best motivational stories from the charity and how it is changing lives. Publicise this as much as possible throughout your event. This emotional attachment to real people and emotional stories will immediately inspire your guests to help this worthwhile cause. 

A great example is Cancer Research who have raised £107 in the last year alone. Saving approximately half a million lives in the last thirty years, they have a lot of inspirational stories to tell. For example, Adyan, aged two, was diagnosed with acute myeloid leukaemia in March 2015 but is now back at school enjoying his childhood.


Sponsors are incredible for providing financial gain to your event, but can also be used for charity donations. 

The same principle applies as if they were supporting the event in a corporate capacity. As well as offering sponsorship deals for exhibition stands, allow them the chance to support the charity. Buying a couple of tables, donating prizes or simply offering a donation are just some ideas which you can offer. 

As you would do normally, promote these generous contributions across the events publications amongst the promotional material and timetables. It is additional publicity for their company so it’s likely they will take up the opportunity to express their philanthropic efforts. 

Make these efforts noticeable in order to encourage other attendees. 


The speed at which today’s society functions leaves little room for inconvenience. If you are going to get your guests to donate generously, then it needs to be efficient and convenient. Technology can vastly aid this. 

Online apps such as Givergy UK are easy to use making donations even more likely. These mobile banking apps work for the majority of people who do not carry money but most importantly offer a real-time display of the amount of money raised. 

At our central London venue, we’ve had the pleasure of hosting many charity fundraising events, the most of which use technology like this. 


Most importantly, make the opportunity for charitable donations fun and exciting. Whether you do a live auction with once in a lifetime prizes or have a competition for which team can raise the most amount of money, the money raised will increase with the excitement of your guests. 

Putting philanthropy in a positive light will encourage a positive mindset in your guests. It will encourage them to not just donate at your event but also on future occasions, therefore, increasing the impact of your event. 

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