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Why it’s important to invest in exceptional production and AV

Ensure your event is communicated sufficiently and effortlessly.

Production and AV systems are critical to making sure your event is effective.

Staging a seamless and professional event can be expensive. It’s common to start thinking about where you can cut your expenses (and we’ll show you some ways you can do that) but if there’s one thing you should invest in, it’s production.

Production and AV systems are critical to making sure your event is effective. If your audience can’t hear your message, it doesn’t matter how pretty the table settings are or if you used an excellent events venue in central London, if the message isn’t clear it reduces the impact of your event.

Poor sound and images can really lower the quality of an event, and can even give an unprofessional appearance. We explain how quality AV can benefit your event and the ways you can make room for it in your budget:

Why is audio-visual (AV) staging so important for successful events?

If you want to be heard at an event of any more than 20 people, it’s advisable to amplify your voice. Using appropriate microphones and well-located amplifiers will ensure your message gets across. Precise AV setup is the difference between awkward microphone tapping (‘is this thing on?’) and smooth transitions between speakers. Consider the type of microphone you’ll need, too - do you need a lectern with a fixed speaker or a lapel mike that allows your speakers to move around?

Using a projector screen really makes an impression, and makes the speakers much easier to see at larger events venues in central London. Setting up an easy-to-navigate system with a hand-held slide changer would make presentations less stressful for the presenter and more powerful for the viewers. It will help if you can quickly introduce the system to the speakers before they need to take the stage.

Using a production team to manage the AV (and the rest of the event logistics, should you choose) will take a lot of stress off the organisers. Production teams are familiar with their equipment and if you use venues partnered team, they’ll be set up to cater for the venue’s unique requirements. For example, if you book an events venue in central London like 8 Northumberland Avenue, our partner Blue Hut Productions are available to provide production and AV.

Where can you adjust your budget to allow for a higher quality AV setup?

We’ve put together four ways you can modify your budget so you can ensure your production and AV needs are met:

  • Use online registration and ticketing to cut down on printing costs. Consider uploading supporting documents in a cloud-based application that only attendees can access.
  • If it’s a repeat event, reuse branding materials. Create a set of promotional posters or banners that are generic - no times, dates or event specific information. You can reuse these banners at each event and remain professional. 
  • Find a sponsor. This may not always be appropriate, but if you could invite brand-aligned sponsors to market their brand in exchange for picking up the bar tab, for example.
  • Make use of free platforms. If you’re hosting a public event, advertising on free social media platforms can generate a lot of buzz and free publicity. If used well, these free opportunities can be enough to create a sell-out event. 

To find out more about production for your event contact a member of our team.

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