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3 ways to create a great event on a low budget

We share the secret to planning a high-quality event for a low cost.

Choosing Monday or Friday for your event can save you, on average, 25% on venue hire.

We all understand the challenge of trying to stretch budgets whilst delivering impressive results and high standards. 

Delivering a fantastic event on a budget can be a challenge but certainly not impossible and here at our events venue in central London, we love a challenge. Here we explain ways you can cut down on cost but not quality:

Agile days

Choosing Monday or Friday for your event can save you, on average, 25% on venue hire, in some cases up to 50%. A Monday conference is a great way to initiate a productive week or choose a Friday reception so your guests can really let their hair down.

Think about the month

As with days of the week, there are more popular months than others, much like booking your holiday. January and April are great months to book when your budget is limited. A January conference is a great way to kick start the New Year when people are feeling refreshed. See here for more reasons to book a January conference from our events venue in central London.

Limited options doesn’t mean limited quality

Opting for a limited menu means saving up to 5-10% on costs but does not compromise on the quality of the food. Our event partners AlchemyLive will guarantee impeccable food and service no matter what your budget may be. A good example of this would be: the limited Autumn/Winter 2017 menu includes a hearty trio of beef, tasty glazed pork belly and a delicious sticky toffee pudding.

For more information on how to deliver a fantastic event regardless of your budget, contact a member of the team today.

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