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How To Reduce Plastic And Increase Sustainability In Events

We join in on the debate of reducing single-use plastics, sharing the best ways to rid your events of this harmful material.

In the last 70 years we have produced a staggering 8.3 billion tonnes of plastic; from this only 9% has been recycled

The war on single-use plastic is greater than ever due to the increased awareness of its damaging properties, and statistics on our overconsumption. 

Whether it’s the news, politician’s pledges or documentaries; we cannot seem to escape the discussion. In the last 70 years we have produced a staggering 8.3 billion tonnes of plastic; from this only 9% has been recycled with the other 78% being thrown into landfill and 18% incinerated. 

In an industry that is rich in the consumption of plastics, we have come up with some ingenious alternatives to this harmful material and tips to make your event sustainable. 


The majority of waste at events comes from the consumption of food and the equipment that comes with it. From cutlery to coffee stirrers, ensure that your venue provides durable and reusable crockery and cutlery for you to use. 

There are some simple ways to rid your event of plastic utensils if the above cannot be provided. Instead of plastic straws swap to paper, suggest that guests bring refillable coffee cups, and just as we have at our London events venue, ensure that the venue provides reusable glass water bottles for all guests. 


A survey from the Huffington Post has shown that the main reason (25% of) people do not recycle is a lack of accessibility. We strive to make every other part of the guests experience seamless, so why not add simple recycling facilities to the list?

They do not have to be intrusive and ruin the aesthetics of your event; brand them with your company logo or place them discretely in the corners of the room. Showing your dedication to sustainability will work wonders for your company’s green image.  


When organising conferences, we often feel the need to overproduce material we think to be vital to the running of the day. Agendas, name tags and brochures are all present and in mass quantities. 

Rather than printing, use the technology available to display any essential information. For example, at our central London venue, we include the use of our mirrored TV screens for all clients. This unique technology is a great way of displaying information and is a wow factor upon entering the venue. 

If the production of materials is essential, ensure that it can be reused at the next event. Some great ideas are to have the agenda on the back of the name tags; attendees cannot lose them, and they can be collected in to use once again. 


Keyrings, pens, notepads, endless brochures, and flyers; these are all items commonly found in gift bags. It can be guaranteed that they all contain plastic and will not be used past walking out of the event door. 

Take the time to think about what you put in your attendee's gift bags. Make them worthwhile, thoughtful and most importantly environmentally friendly. 

A notepad from recycled paper is a sustainable alternative or provide a branded and reusable coffee cup which guests can use at the event and forevermore. To be super green look at using digital goodie bags for a unique alternative. 

Your guests will appreciate the thought behind these gifts and they won’t go straight in the bin!


As we know the location of the venue is vital to the success of any event. Why not increase the sustainability of your event by choosing a venue with easy access to public transport, therefore reducing emission fuels?  

Being a stones-throw away from Trafalgar Square means we are London’s most central events venue. This gives our guests access to numerous bus routes as well as Charing Cross and Embankment stations. 

Get in touch with one of our team if you would like our assistance in planning your next sustainable and plastic-free event! 

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