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The Age of the Micro Influencer: Their Importance and Power

Micro influencers are the latest and best way to help promote your event. We explain their incredible importance and power.

91% of people trust influencers more than they do traditional marketing advertising

Today’s consumers are more tech-savvy as well as cautious when making a purchase. This has consequently meant the decline of traditional marketing tactics. 

Needing more than cold media advertisements, consumers desire clarification and justification on their decisions. With 47% of people using ad blocking technology, this responsibility has fallen to influencer marketing. 

Providing a voice of reason and trust, influencers are extremely powerful in their ability to convince their audience of their belief or product they support. This sense of authority can be invaluable to the marketing of your event if the correct influencer is approached. 

We analyse the new age of micro influencing and how it can be of a benefit to your next event. 



When taking your first steps into influencer marketing, the assumption often made is that bigger means better. In this case, it’s quite the opposite. 

Unlike macro influencers, choosing micro influencers will mean closer relationships and better engagement rates. Eleven times higher in fact!

Whereas macro influencers are disconnected to their audience as a result of their celebrity status, micro influencers are able to establish a genuine connection and relationship. In the region of 1-60 thousand subscribers, these mini-celebrities still have the time to talk, respond and bond with their following on a daily basis.

Subsequently, a stronger relationship is formed than could ever be achieved with macro influencers, meaning higher engagement and awareness of your event.


Micro influencers go that one step further than just bonding with their audience, they become a voice of trusted authority. In fact, 91% of people trust influencers more than they do traditional marketing advertising. 

Their close relationship enables the influencer’s viewpoints and any products that they may endorse to be seen as authentic. This is integral as the more the more their messages are seen to be genuine, the more the viewers are going to believe in and get behind your event.

This can even transpire to the development of brand advocates which will provide long-term support and attendance for your events. 


A delightful bonus of using micro influencers is the potential cost savings. Partnering up with influencers is far most cost-effective than going to a celebrity for endorsement. 

For one macro influencer endorsement, you could get twenty micro influencers to do the same job. Rather than narrowing your reach, work with various micro influencers across different elements of your campaign. 

You will reach far more people in a more effective capacity.

This is particularly important for start-up events or small businesses who, with limited financial abilities, can make use of this incredible marketing technique. 


The primary job of any influencer is to create attractive and appealing content to distribute to their audience. From blogs to tutorials, reviews to videos, the content produced by your influencer will be yours to distribute as you see fit. 

Having third-party content that reviews your event in such as positive light is priceless. Share their creations and engage with them on social media for additional promotion.  



Because of the relationships formed and personal touch from micro influencers, engagement is staggeringly higher than anticipated.  

A study by the influencer agency ‘Hello Social’ has proven their extensive and powerful reach. Providing 60% higher engagement and 22x more weekly conversations, micro influencers are clearly the way forward to keep your product or event in the public eye. 

More importantly, you can see the outcome of your investment in real time. Judged on likes, shares, interactions, increased following and website views, you will instantly be able to track how well your event is faring with your new pool of viewers. 

No other platform can achieve such an effective return on investment. 


Possibly the most beneficial part of working with influencers is the direct access to an engaged audience who are genuinely interested in your product. 

Influencers will have a pool of contacts who follow their accounts in order to gain information on their specialist subject. Therefore, their followers are willing to and want to listen. 

This increases the chances of sales conversions and attendance at your event as you are targeting a willing audience. 

For more assistance promoting your next event, contact our sales team who will be happy to help.

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