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Conference series - Part 5 of 5: How to make your conference exciting for your delegates

In the last instalment of our conference series, we look at how you can turn a dull conference into an exciting event making guests return, year-after-year.

You want your delegates to have a positive experience whilst remaining engaged throughout the entire day.

People attend conferences to network, learn, and yes, have fun. When you manage an event at a large conference venue in London, one of the biggest challenges is keeping attendees engaged enough to want to return next year.

You want your delegates to have a positive experience whilst remaining engaged throughout the entire day. The theme and the entertainment you provide will have a major impact on how successful the conference is for your attendees.

Here are some ideas that can keep large groups of people entertained from the opening keynote until the closing speeches.

Tell Stories

Whoever you are and whatever your age, as humans we love a good story. Whether you’re engrossed in an exciting novel, watching a movie or listening to a compelling speakers presentation, stories are enjoyable and when told well, draw the listener in.

Even a large conference venue in London can be a great location for a storytelling opportunity. Once the conference theme is chosen, come up with a narrative that defines the entire event instead of a single topic or two.

When delivered in a storytelling format, the audience will find it enjoyable to listen to and easy to remember.

Creative Cuisine

Few things make an event more memorable than delicious and exciting food. We’re not talking about sandwiches, crisps and sugar-laden snacks. Plan a menu that reflects the conference theme and make it fun, filling and healthy.

The same creativity can be applied to the drinks menu too, with stylish mocktails and imaginative coffee-based beverages.

Make It Hands-On

If you’re planning an upcoming event, it’s time to get creative and let your delegates do the same. We mean that literally. While you’re using your imagination, give attendees an opportunity to follow suit.

Forecasting and analytics company WGSN, for example, had a printing station that allowed registrants to design and print their own canvas tote bags. Now that’s a way to make your event unforgettable! Interactive workshops are also a winner.

Pop Culture Themes

You may not have the budget to make your conference look like a Marvel or Star Wars set, but strategic lighting, a selection of creative props and themed food can make a large conference venue in London mirror a popular game show, film or TV programme.

As an example, Content Marketing World recently injected an inspiring dose of playfulness into its conference.

To make the event seem more fun, they themed it around the colour orange – the opposite of a grey corporate event.

Founder Joe Pulizzi wore orange onstage and even the menu was inspired by the orange theme; orange-frosted cupcakes, cups of peaches and cantaloupe, Orange Crush soda and carrots with dip.

The best conferences are as much about entertaining the audience as informing them. When you book a large conference venue in London, start planning ways to make your event fun, unique, and interactive.

Not only will delegates learn more, you’ll likely see them again next year and the year after. To book your conference venue, contact a member of the team today.

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