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How to keep your delegates engaged before, during and after your conference

We look into how to get the most engagement from your delegates at each step of the way.

Encourage discussion and participation both on and offline.

Hosting a corporate conference can have many benefits for your staff, customers, your industry and for your future business goals. Once you've taken the decision to host an event, it's important to ensure your delegates are kept engaged throughout the entire conference process. 

As an experienced conference venue in central London, we've used our knowledge to provide a guide on the best conference practices for before, during and after your event.

Before the conference

Feedback loops

Include questions about preferred learning styles during the registration process. Hearing about how your delegates like to engage and learn will help you to create content that is well received and easily absorbed.

Choose a strategic location

It is wise to be very strategic about the location of your conference. Your conference venue in London should be within easy access of public transport, offer a dedicated conference space with AV capabilities, and provide excellent dining menus. Each element is vital for a successful conference, so look for a venue that can deliver on all of the above. 

During the conference

Networking opportunities

Provide your delegates with an unrelated talking point at some stage of the proceedings. This tactic helps keep things fresh and can create spontaneous networking opportunities.

Apps change everything

Conference apps have lots of potential to help maximise enjoyment of your event. It’s easy to update agendas and alert delegates to changes in the schedule via a conference app. 

Apps can also provide delegates with an opportunity to provide instant feedback on the quality of speakers, content or meals, and this data is invaluable for improving service delivery at your conference venue in central London.

Go social

It is a given that your delegates will engage with social media during your conference sessions. Direct them to interact with your business profiles and post about the conference publicly, using a designated hashtag. Encourage discussion and participation both on and offline and don't forget to link your wifi landing page to your social media channels.

After the conference

Follow up

Engage with your participants after the show is over. Review feedback to see how you can further impress groups at conferences in the future. Did conference goers enjoy themselves? Did they feel engaged? Were the key delivery points absorbed? If you can see results down the line, you’ll know you’ve delivered an excellent conference. 

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