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How to Utilise Instagram to Maximise Your Event

Are you using your Instagram account to it's fullest? We share our tips on the hottest social media platform around.

Visual posts produce an engagement rate that is 650% higher than text-only posts.

Most event venues use Facebook and Twitter to promote upcoming events but not everyone has caught on to the power of Instagram yet. This social media platform, which tells a story through compelling images, has the ability to gain attention for events. It also builds brand identity and a stronger, larger following for the client.

Here are a few facts about Instagram and what it offers.

  • There are over 500 million active monthly users
  • Visual posts produce an engagement rate that is 650% higher than text-only posts
  • 95% of Instagram users are also on Facebook.

If you don’t have an Instagram business account yet, set one up so you can create ads and use persuasive tools such as Instagram stories and Instagram live. Then follow the tips below to maximise the exposure of your next event.

Start Posting

Instagram is like other social media platforms in that you need to be active to be successful. Take a lot of quality photos and videos, then post them on your business account for followers to see and admire. Maintain a regular posting schedule to keep followers engaged.

If you are struggling to create content, use inspirational images you find. If you take from another account or know who the image belongs to, be sure to credit and tag them.

Create a Photo Story

Instagram stories engage your audience and make them feel involved. You can build excitement during the days leading up to events by visually documenting all the planning and preparation. When you make it look irresistible, people will look forward to your next post and may even make plans to attend.

Create Videos

Photos are great, but Instagram also lets you make videos up to 15 seconds long and post them. You can take short clips of event set-up, interview guests as they arrive and show the highlights of the event. For best results, use filters, effects and a winning cover image.

Take Advantage of Apps

Instagram has a lot of apps that can help you promote your event more effectively. Instamessage is a great tool for private communications with both clients and prospective attendees.

If you want to post several related photos at the same time, Diptic lets you create an appealing arrangement. Instafollow can give you some valuable insights into what posts or activities help you gain followers as well as which ones result in losing followers.

Use Hashtags

When you post photos or videos, hashtag them so that you can easily search for conversations about the event. Encourage your followers to do the same thing. If the event is associated with a popular brand, you can even run a contest and ask followers to post and tag their own photos and videos. Intice people to join in by offering a prize for the best.

Run an advert

Instagram now has the great feature of creating ads. In your settings, change your profile to a business account, adding your address, email and contact number. For your ad, choose striking imagery, pair it with alluring copy and watch the ticket sales roll in!

Don’t ignore the power of the most influential, visual app to date. For more information on hosting your next event, contact the team.

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