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8 Northumberland Avenue remains at the forefront of London Venue Technology

We are very pleased to announce the installation of our unique new robotic lighting system. Introducing: the Renu Stealth.


After being the first London venue to install AMBX intelligent lighting and partner with Musion3D to install 3D holographic technology, 8 Northumberland Avenue continues to pave the way for venue technology.

We are happy to announce that we have installed Renu Stealth robotic lighting throughout the venue. In a remarkable innovation project, we have partnered with New Concept Lighting to design and develop a complete technology overhaul. An event lighting solution that is utterly unique to 8 Northumberland Avenue.

We sat down with our Director, Charles Boyd, and owner of New Concept Lighting, Rowena Preiss, to find out more.

What is different about robotic lighting?

The Renu Stealth robotic lighting is designed to establish a new way of interacting with light. It will diversify our creative use of light, vastly improve user experience, simplify lighting solutions, and decrease client costs: marking a new chapter in lighting and London venue technology. 

The internal robotics enable directional zoom and movement, with the ability to move 520 by 260 degrees. The unique high-tech chip, containing both a quad chip and separate white chip allows for 16 million colour variations. The white chip inclusion also enables us to mimic natural light almost identically.

The miniaturisation of the lights also means they do not detract from the aesthetics of an event. Additionally, the benefit of pre-installation means there are no lights blocking tables or cables trailing across the floor. These slight changes make a world of difference in the land of event management.

Unlike traditional moving lights, the Renu Stealth do not contain fans. This means the movement of the lights is silent, a feature completely unique to 8 Northumberland Avenue. They create fantastic lighting spectacles without the hinderance of noisy movements.

Where are the lights installed?

The lights are now installed everywhere throughout the venue. Installation in the Ballroom and the Old Billiard Room and Annex was completed at the end of August. We are planning to have them installed within the staircases and corridors by the end of September, keeping us at the forefront of possibilities with venue technology. 

What is possible with these new lights?

Anything. The lights give us the ability to enable our clients to harness light in a unique and vibrant way, something never seen before in venue technology. 

When the lighting in a room is right, you won’t even notice it. When it’s not, you’ll immediately feel something is off. In all walks of life, people gravitate towards light. We have come as close as technologically possible to creating natural light indoors.

Furthermore, the abilities of these lights means we have the ability to match colour pantones with astonishing accuracy. Also, these capabilities allow the power of colour to be harnessed and elevates the experience of attendees.

Colour is an incredibly powerful tool to harness when evoking emotions in people. Rooted in our subconscious, different colours produce subtly different reactions in us. Research shows that colour has the ability to affect both our physical and emotional state.

From using red tones to heighten energy levels and re-focus your delegates post-lunch, or building a sense of opulence with purple tones, there is plenty colour can do at your event. Blue light re-energises people, making it especially helpful for events that you know your guests have travelled for, or have spent the day at. Interestingly, green light uses the least power, making it literally the ‘greenest’ colour!

The ability to create realistic daylight also vastly improves the ambiance of an event. Cycling through difference whites, greys, yellows and even pinks and blues creates a realistic daylight effect that static lighting cannot replicate.

How do you control the lights?

Accessibility was integral for us here. We created a system that was both advanced and sophisticated whilst also being easily understood and controlled.

As these lights bridge the gap between architectural light, think of museum’s in-built spotlights, and AV lighting, for instance, a concert or stage show; the aim was always to make use simple for both camps.

We use an app to control the lights, where lighting functions can be pre-programmed or created bespoke. This means clients can build an utterly bespoke lighting, sound, and food package completely unique to their event at 8 Northumberland Avenue.

There soon will also be opportunities for clients to observe how pre-programmed functions will work. This means they can select the fully immersive lighting atmosphere most suited to their event.

Are they environmentally friendly?

As our Renu Stealth lights are already LEDs, they begin 80% more efficient than traditional fluorescent and incandescent lights. Their longer life span also means lower carbon emissions in the long term.

Additionally, we have worked the reduce the amount of heat waste whilst improving the efficacy. Efficacy measures the ratio of energy to light, usually creating a by-product of heat. Having reduced the size of the product to 1/6 of the original whilst vastly improving light output, the team at NCL are working incredibly hard to keep our lighting sustainable.

For instance, in the Annex, the same energy that was once powering just the wall lighting now powers the entire room. Plus, the Renu Stealth lighting produces more light overall, revealing new layers to the architecture of the room.

When can I come and view them?

We have now successfully installed the Renu Stealth into the Ballroom, Old Billiard Room and Annex, with all full-functional. The specific programmes for the lights are currently being built, but we are hoping to have some examples ready very soon.

Please get in touch to book a site visit and see the full capabilities of these lights.

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