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At London's most central Venue, we believe technology should enhance guests experiences not complicate them. With a long list of London's first from; Intelligent lighting systems and Virtual Reality to Holographic 3D projection, technological innovation is always welcome.

8 Northumberland Avenue operates at the forefront of technological advancements and works with the very best event technology partners to  make a big difference to your event.

Intelligent Lighting

Fully controllable intelligent LED lighting is installed throughout the venue and available to use from the get go. 

With 16.7 million colours per light, clients have complete creative freedom. This intuitive technology can be linked to music, PowerPoint presentations, TV commercials and films as it reacts to the colours on screen.

Find out more about how Intelligent lighting can enhance your event

How can Intelligent Lighting enhance my event?

  • Keep your delegates energised with mood settings
  • Enhance presentations by syncing video and sound to the lighting
  • Enhance corporate branding or draw attention to features
  • Virtual Reality

    Whether it's using our own VR experiences to showcase the venue's flexibility, or advising clients on how to get the best return on investment from VR on their event. We work with the best tech partners to ensure that we can implement Augmented Reality, Mixed Reality and Virtual Reality at your event in a meaningful way.

    Find out how VR can enhance your event

    What can we do?

  • Advise you on the most suitable technology for your event
  • Create VR content from your event
  • Advise on how to utilise VR for marketing
  • Audience Engagement

    With smart phones and streaming now the standard in our daily lives, why settle for old presentation platforms? Our venue team can help recommend the most suitable audience engagement tools to ensure communication at your event is a two way conversation. Solutions range from utilising your delegates own devices, to handing out controlled Ipads to the audience to ensure everyone can take part. 

    Find out how to engage your audience

    The right tool for your event

    Whether it's marketing your event to a wider audience, or capturing the data that matters to you on your event day, we work with the best event tech partners to offer a range of technology solutions for your event:

    • Voting and bidding systems for awards and auctions
    • Download free  WebApps 
    • Private Interactive polling WebApps 
    • Moderated Social media walls

    3D holographics at your event

    Enhance your presentations


    Combine virtual and real elements for incredible performances


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