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How to Transform and Personalise a Blank Canvas Venue

It may be a daunting task to transform a blank canvas event space, but using our top tips your venue will be unrecognisable as well as personalised.

If the room does not precisely fit your requirements, an ingenious solution is to split up the room.

At our own central London blank canvas venue, we know all too well the beauty of transforming a space into something completely new. Your guests will be in awe of the dramatic change and you can be certain that it will be a memorable event.   

From seeing the benefits of this first hand at our unique events venue, we offer the most effective ways to transform a blank space and make it your own. 


Let us start with the basics - lighting.

The quickest and most effective way to alter the look of a venue is through lighting. A simple colourwash can merge the room with your own brand colours, add a certain atmosphere (be it warm or cold) and will make the room more inviting.  Incorporate this into your budget and we assure you, it will make a difference. 

We offer all our client’s complimentary use of our one of a kind, intelligent AMBX lighting system at their events. With unlimited colour options and multiple setting combinations, all on an easy to use software, our AMBX lighting will be the star of your show. It elevates the event at no additional cost to the client, allowing them to spend their budget decorating the venue in other areas. 


It is important not to stop at the colour of the room. To make the space your own you must go beyond appearance and consider the finer details. A great, and often forgotten, place to start is with the walls of the room. 

By adding some texture, you can once again alter the room. Use draping for awards dinners to create an intimate atmosphere or decorate the walls with branding, imagery, and information for conferences. 


If the room does not precisely fit your requirements, an ingenious solution is to split up the room. From step and repeat boards to lavish flowered walls, we have seen it all. 

By partitioning the space, you can create your own reception drinks area or a registration space. One idea that we love is to have a networking come charging area where your delegates can make themselves comfortable throughout the event. 


Another great benefit of having a blank canvas to work with is that you can express your creativity through your choice of decorations and accessories. To immediately alter the space, bring in soft furnishings. 

Choose furniture that is unique and will stand out to make a dramatic impact. With so many design styles available your options are endless; decide on something that your guests would not have seen before. The French style ‘Louis’ chair will deliver a glamorous effect or as we offer at our venue, the Chiavari ‘Ghost Chairs’ are stylish yet not obtrusive as they blend into the room. 


It can be assumed that in a large space the small decorations will be lost and are therefore irrelevant, but we believe these are worthwhile investments!

Changing the linen to match the company colours, adding candles to every table as well as personalised menus are cost-effective ways to elevate your space. To splash out on this element, hire in elaborate centerpieces of varying heights and designs to give depth to the room. Put together, these small details will change the room entirely.


Whilst a themed event may appear untasteful to some, it does offer a structure and a natural flow. The theme itself can be subtle and unobtrusive so not to affect the overall look of your event. Having a colour palette or design scheme such as vintage chic or a rustic English garden will bring the space to life whilst keeping in line with your original vision. 

If you are brave enough you can go all out with your theme. For example, every year our talented partner event management company, AlchemyLive, transforms our unique London events venue into a magical themed Christmas party. From Gatsby to the sunken Lost Palace of Atlantis we continue to wow our clients year after year, transporting them into another world. 

This year the ‘Old Billiard Room’, our blank canvas space, will disappear to instead become a Neon Carnival. Immersing your clients like this will keep you firmly in the forefront of their minds. 

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