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The Experts Guide to Events: How to Maintain Wellbeing in a Stressful Industry

It's about time we looked after our wellbeing, so we've offered our advice to encourage some mindful behaviour.

Since 2009, there has been a 24% increase in the number of sick days due to stress, anxiety and depression

No one can wholeheartedly say that the events industry is a stress-free place to work. The fast pace, long hours and high-pressure nature of the job, means that stress levels can be high and mental wellbeing can be ignored. Since 2009, there has been a 24% increase in the number of sick days due to stress, anxiety and depression!

Our Sales and Marketing Director (and all-round mindfulness guru) Sami, has an innate passion for the mental wellbeing of everyone at our company. Sharing his expertise, he has offered his best practices to instil a positive attitude within your company in this taxing industry. 


‘We value our own five-star service which we put at the heart of what we do’

We cannot escape the fact that the events industry is people facing. Watering, feeding and entertaining people is at the core of what we do. Therefore, in order to have the most efficient business possible, you must deliver the best customer service. 

However, if your employees are tired, miserable and simply not enjoying their work, it is impossible to offer this impeccable customer service. Clients will notice this, and will be unlikely to return. 

Having a workforce that is enthused, impassioned and well looked after, will not just benefit your employee’s wellbeing, but the company as a whole. The events will be seamless, and clients will return for this pristine experience. 

Be careful, add too much pressure and you will see the stress return. At our central London events venue, we value our own five-star service which we put at the heart of what we do. Establish what you expect your five-star standards to be and communicate this to your employees. Make them realistic and achievable. 


‘Everybody has their own area which makes them uncomfortable’ 

You cannot set standards and expect these to be met without any feedback. 

Everybody is different, so what causes stress to one person, won’t necessarily cause stress to another. Listen to your employees and accept that everybody has their own area which makes them uncomfortable. 

By talking honestly, it creates a better understanding of one another and stronger communication. Encourage honesty in your company so people feel comfortable to discuss their problems, worries and what they may be finding difficult in a constructive manner. 

For professional growth, remember honesty is the best policy! 


‘Worrying does not make something safer’

When things go wrong the obvious reaction is anger, however, this can be the most damaging. A leadership that is calm in situations of high stress, who will focus on improvements to be made rather than the negatives, will see long-term benefits. 

Rather than blowing up, offer support and embrace failure. Worrying does not make something safer or mean that you care more. Instead learn through failure and put precautions in place so that the mistake does not happen again. 

You can only gain experience through bouncing back from mistakes. By abolishing this negative tradition of blame culture, you will establish a positive environment as well as improving the company’s development. 


‘Previously governed by the fear of losing our jobs, we are now governed by what inspires us’ 

The most important element to maintaining wellbeing in a stressful industry is to invest in your employees. More training, rewards for success and investment in their development should be a top priority. If a company’s values are not reflected in how its employees are treated, how will it survive? 

In doing so, you will generate a workforce of brand advocates who believe in the company they work for. It’s a mutual gain for the employee and employer; they will learn, and you will have loyal and happy employees. 

With a new generation in the workplace, this ethos is more important than ever as the culture of suffering is silence has been eradicated. Previously governed by the fear of losing our jobs, we are now governed by what inspires us! 

We have entered a phase of being considerate in the workplace where people need to be inspired and feel as if they are making a difference. Embrace this new philosophy to have a progressive and mindful workplace environment. 

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