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Why Standing Matters

Standing up is important for many health reasons but how can you ensure guests are standing comfortably at your event?

Set up a series of entertaining exhibits that guests can visit one after another.

More studies are showing that standing more each day could have all kinds of health benefits. Standing can lower the risk of obesity, high blood sugar levels and even reduce back pain. 

Mayo Clinic co-director Dr James Levine wrote a book on the subject, claiming that sitting down actively promotes chronic diseases such as obesity and type 2 diabetes, even if you’re physically fit and exercise regularly. In fact, sitting regularly allegedly has a mortality rate comparable to smoking.

As event planners, is there any way we can encourage more standing during events at central London venues? Some of the strategies below may work.

Have Poser Tables that Encourage Standing

Instead of tables with seating and sofa areas, place tall tables in the bar area that encourage guests to stand while sipping their drinks. All that standing will encourage attendees to mingle and socialize more as well as improve their health. 

Include Interactive Presentations

Think of ways that guests can be active participants in event presentations instead of passive onlookers. You could have smaller presentations made to individual groups of attendees on a rotating basis. Not only will this discourage seating (there will be no chairs), guests will constantly standing or moving, depending on whether they will be watching or participating in the event.

Have Standing Buffets

If your event includes a dinner, consider offering food station instead of a sit-down plated dinner. Themed and interactive food stations will encourage guests to move from one area to the next to try different foods and watch them being prepared.

Feature Exhibits or Attractions

Instead of focusing all entertainment in one location such as a stage, set up a series of entertaining exhibits that guests can visit one after another. This is another example of turning event attendees from passive onlookers to active visitors.

Remove Chairs in Performance Areas   

Will your event be including entertainment such as a live music performance or a stand-up comedian? Encourage guests to dance or to move around by eliminating the seating area. If the performance is expected to last longer than 30 minutes, this option might not be feasible, but it is one way that central London venues can contribute to the well-being of their guests.

Central London venues that offer a healthy menu and encourage standing can have a positive impact on overall guest health. 

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