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How Your Office Space Affects How You Work

From the temperature to your view out the window, small factors of your office space could be having an effect on how you and your colleagues work.

To combat these problems, employers should take steps to introduce as much natural light as possible into each office floor.

As an events venue in central London, we understand the importance of setting and creating an office environment that helps constructive work habits. Here are our suggestions for a more productive workplace:

Improve Lighting

The impact of lighting on productivity has been proven, but a recent study revealed that over two-thirds of all office workers are unhappy with the way their offices are lit. When a workspace is poorly lit, negative effects include:

  • Headaches
  • Eyestrain
  • Fatigue
  • Depression

To combat these problems, employers should take steps to introduce as much natural light as possible into each office floor. Workplaces with generous amounts of natural light will result in healthier and happier employees and lower rates of absenteeism.

Increase Indoor Air Quality

Another major productivity-killer is poor air quality. The Occupational Safety and Health Administration (OSHA) has estimated that illness, worker inefficiency, and other negative results of poor air quality in offices cost companies billions each year. To increase productivity, employers can-

  • Open windows or doors whenever possible
  • Install air filters
  • Place plants around the office

Create Outdoor Views

Studies suggest that when employees have an outdoor view, their productivity increases by up to 16%. Companies with buildings that overlook natural scenes such as waterways, ponds, and landscaped scenery tend to report that their workers are happier and more productive.

Control Indoor Temperature

A poll carried out by employment website CareerBuilder revealed that approximately one-third of all employee respondents found their office temperatures uncomfortable. When indoor temperatures are too hot or too cold, people lose the ability to concentrate on their work. At our events venue in central London, we have found that during events, indoor temperatures should be between 69 and 71 degrees for best results.


Ergonomics increases productivity while preventing fatigue and injuries. When a workspace is poorly designed, the neck, back, wrists, hands, and other joints are affected, so employers should arrange the following supports to increase employee productivity.

  • Footrests for workers whose feet cannot normally rest on the ground
  • Supports to ensure that screens are correctly positioned
  • Palm rests to properly align the hand, wrist, and forearm

Eliminate Distraction

Loud noises are cited as the most common reason for slowdowns in workplace productivity. While some people tolerate large amounts of background noise, others lose the ability to focus, so employers should create noise-free zones. Effort should also be made to eliminate clutter so that the office looks more organized and employees feel more relaxed.

All of these suggestions will go a long way towards creating a productive office space. Years of events venue in central London has led us to believe that taking time to understand employees and their work habits will improve employers understanding of how to create a workspace that fosters productivity.

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