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5 Reasons to Have a Summer Party Indoors

Summer outdoor events are great but what about when the weather doesn't go to plan or the catering is spoiled within the hour?

Controlled temperatures will ensure food stays delicious for longer.

While London summers can be pleasant enough to enjoy an outdoor film on top of the Bussey Building in Peckham or an open-air performance at Shakespeare's Globe, there are certain advantages to look at large venues in London for your next summer party indoors. Here are five of them.

Opportunity to Cool Off

Mingling and dancing outside when summer temperatures are at their zenith can be draining, so an air-conditioned venue can make the event more enjoyable. 

Too much exposure to the heat will make guests drowsy and create a risk of dehydration, especially if you are serving alcohol

Holding your event indoors will eliminate the possibility of heat stroke and give your guests the comfort and energy needed to literally, chill out and have fun.

Venues Are Competitively Priced

Due to the fact that so many people and events companies prefer hosting outdoor gatherings in the summer, many large venues in London will offer generous discounts for customers wanting to host an indoor event. 

Not only can you save money by taking everything indoors, you can also use the savings to expand the guest list, offer a more sumptuous menu or hire a higher-quality entertainment.

There Is No Risk of Sunburn

When your event is outdoors, especially during the daytime, there is an increased risk of painful sunburns. If there is dancing, competitions or any other physical activity central to the event, the sweat the participants produce will further diminish the skin’s ability to protect itself. 

Holding everything indoors will remove the need to keep reapplying sunscreen and allow everyone to concentrate on enjoying themselves.

No Bees and Bugs

When meals are prepared and served outdoors, it can attract unwelcome guests such as bees, ants and other pests. When guests can enjoy their dinner and drinks inside a cool and shaded venue, they don’t have to worry about swatting away flies. 

Controlled temperatures in large venues in London also ensure food will stay delicious for longer.

Protection from Bad Weather

When you host an outdoor event, you’re putting yourself and your guests at the mercy of the weather. When the fun takes place indoors, the event can go on come rain or shine.

Even when sunshine is predicted, British weather can never guarantee that the odd ‘sun shower’ won’t occur. Looking for large venues in London that are inside, will eliminate the need to watch the weather app or arrange for alternate ‘rain dates’. 

The show will go on regardless of whether or not clouds appear.

The fun doesn’t always have to take place in the sun during the summertime. A little creativity will keep your guests in the party spirit and ensure that your event doesn’t fall prey to capricious weather.

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