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4 reasons why you need to eat more asparagus

We share four great health benefits of eating asparagus.

It helps to protect your cells from the effects of free radicals and strengthens your immune system.

We love asparagus! It’s delicious; it’s versatile and has amazing health benefits too. It’s loaded with vitamins A, C, E, K, and B6, as well as folate, iron, copper, calcium, protein, and fibre. At our events venue in central London, we like to keep high standards in our kitchen and our events partner AlchemyLive, work with only the best seasonal produce.  

As well as being a versatile and delicious vegetable, asparagus has great health benefits such as:

Asparagus makes you happy

Asparagus contains folate. Studies are showing that people who suffer depression often have low levels of folate. It also contains tryptophan, which is an amino acid. That’s also been shown to help improve mood. 

Asparagus boosts your immune system

Vitamin E is a powerful antioxidant and it helps to protect your cells from the effects of free radicals and strengthens your immune system. Cooking asparagus with a little olive oil can be even more beneficial because vitamin E is absorbed better if eaten with a little healthy fat. 

Asparagus helps kill hangovers

Anything that can cure a hangover is a winner in our books! At our events venue in central London, we know how easy it is to overindulge in champagne. After an evening of celebrations be sure to add asparagus to your breakfast. Studies show the high amounts of minerals and antioxidants can give you a boost and they help protect your liver.

Asparagus helps manage a healthy stomach

At only 32 calories per cup, it is loaded with insoluble fibre meaning it fills you up, keeps you feeling fuller for longer and it’s also a natural diuretic. Eating asparagus will encourage good urinary tract health and will help to flush out your system. The diuretic effect helps to reduce bloat, so you’ll be more comfortable in that party dress or sharp suit.

Here at our events venue in central London, our partners AlchemyLive currently have an impressive asparagus taster starter on the menu, made up of new season asparagus with hollandaise, asparagus velouté with rapeseed oil, griddled asparagus, slow-poached quail egg and pea shoot salsa.

To find out more about the AlchemyLive menu or booking an event at our events venue in central London, contact the team today.

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