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3 things your event guests are most impressed by

No, it's not your linen.

Pay attention to every detail.

Nobody wants to attend a mediocre event but unfortunately, we’ve all been to one. The coffee is lukewarm, the AV system is on the blink and most people turned up late because they couldn’t find the venue. 

At 8 Northumberland Avenue, we’re all about helping you organise stellar events that leave your guests saying, ‘wow’. Factor in these tips and you’ll be trending on Twitter in no time.


Excellent events begin long before the first speaker welcomes the guests. Communicating with guests ahead of time sets the tone and the expectations for everyone involved. Make the registration process smooth by building a microsite to outline the details of the event, from dress code to arrival time. If you’ve organised venue hire in London you’ll be able to easily direct your guests to transport options.

Communication also extends to social media presence. Create a hashtag for the event and publicise it ahead of time as well as during sessions. Share tagged images back to guests throughout the event on screens and interact with guests online. Guests love to feel valued in a crowd.


Make your venue easy to find and get to. There’s nothing more frustrating than turning up late due to poor directions. Keep your venue hire in central London and your guests will arrive calmly and on time. Choose a venue that’s impressive and has plenty of transport options. A prestigious location will lend credibility to your purpose and a definite sense of awe to the event. 

It’s also hugely beneficial to select a venue that can support your goals for the event. The simpler it is for you to organise and cater for the guests, the more time you can allocate to interacting with them.

Seamless experience

Whether the event is an end-of-year celebration or a corporate day conference, guests should be treated to a seamless experience. Pay attention to every detail, and walk yourself through the event, imagining every need a guest may have. If you really want to go the extra mile, try these tips. Attendees will be impressed by:

  • A smooth check in or registration process. Have everything ready and consider a priority lane for speakers or VIP’s
  • An exceptional atmosphere when they enter the building. Choosing venue hire in London will build excitement and appreciation for the event.
  • Pre, during and post social media engagement. Make sure the hashtag is prominent from the get go. Encourage them to capture the excitement as it builds.
  • Friendly, helpful and efficient staff. Smiling is contagious, if you start with happy staff your guests will also be grinning in no time
  • Successful and sensitive delivery of accessibility/disability requirements. When guest’s needs are met confidently, everyone is more comfortable.
  • Strong, reliable wifi. It’s an expectation that wifi will be provided, particularly if online participation is encouraged. Make sure the wifi is strong enough to support large numbers of users simultaneously.

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