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Mental Wellbeing in Events - A Trend for 2019

Learn how to focus your event around the most important trend for 2019.

According to the Global Wellness Institute, the global wellness industry accumulated $4.7 trillion in 2017.

Political uncertainty, financial instability, technological developments and sustainability; there are a lot of factors set to affect the events industry in 2019. The one thing certain to make a continued change is the importance of wellbeing and mental health

This trend of looking after one's physical and mental health has been developing for some time and will only continue to grow (quite rightly). According to the Global Wellness Institute, the global wellness industry accumulated $4.7 trillion in 2017

Events are fast-paced environments, it is, therefore, an ideal situation to encourage mindfulness. By taking on board the following suggestions, you will provide your event with the foundations to look after your attendee’s wellbeing.  


Your efforts to look after the mental wellbeing of your guests can start with the layout. Create relaxation or chill-out rooms for people to visit when they need some quiet time. 

Fill them with comfortable furniture, relaxing music and inspirational books. Offering the chance to step away from the event’s chaos will demonstrate your acknowledgement of the importance of mental health in a nonobtrusive way. The event can run as it normally would whilst guests can use the facilities as and when they wish. 


When trying to attract potential attendees, a common marketing technique is to promote a jam-packed timetable full of interesting speakers discussing the latest topics. Giving value for money may be important, however, an overloaded timetable is also a cause of increased stress. 

Not allowing your attendees sufficient time to break and switch off will diminish any efforts previously made. Spreading out the day with prolonged breaks will offer the space needed to re-energise. 

A better solution is to factor in time for your guests to get fresh air. The best way to incorporate this into the event schedule is to host a conference followed by a dinner. In between the two events, guests will have plenty of time to explore the local area whilst having some free time to refresh.


Your guests pay to gain knowledge from your conference. Whilst it is important to stick to your promises, break tradition and offer a different type of education. 

For example, use breakout periods to provide life coaching courses alongside the typical workshops. How to feel empowered at work, increasing productivity and eliminating stress are all extremely popular topics. As they are not part of the main timetable, guests will have the choice to join in and everyone will remain satisfied.


Exhibitioners are a fundamental part of any event through encouraging ticket sales and being an additional source of revenue. Have some variation in your exhibitioner list by having a couple of stands dedicated to supporting mental health. 

MIND, Heads Together and Mental Health UK are all incredible charities with the facilities to offer advice and help for those who seek it. Having companies like this present would be a great addition to any event.  


With mobile phones constantly in our hands, we are all guilty of being online 24/7 due to the continuous access to social media, emails and the internet. As reported by the American Psychological Association, this addiction has been proven to be a direct cause of increased stress and anxiety. This culture of ‘constant checkers’ accounts for 43% of Americans; 18% of which admit to this correlation between smartphones and increased stress. 

That is why mobile free zones at your event will give your guests the opportunity to destress. Excluding the use of technology in certain places will force your guests to practice mindfulness, by being present in the moment. 


Superfoods, antioxidants and supplements; there are always new foods to help upkeep your physical health. The same goes for your mental state. Certain foods and eating habits have been proven to improve your mental wellbeing. By consuming lots of fruit and vegetables as well as copious amounts of water, cutting out caffeine and eating little and often will all help. Factor this into your event menu and ensure it is healthy, nutritious and provided at regular intervals. 


If the facilities provided are not enough to encourage involvement in wellness-focused activities, you can spur on participation through competitions or games. 

It’s a known fact that exercise is beneficial to people’s physical (as well as mental) health. It releases stress and anxiety, improves cognitive development and increases our self-esteem. Therefore, try combining competitions with exercise during your event. Bring in exercise bikes to see who can cycle the furthest or use them power electronics to make food; fun, competitive and engaging, these activities will have everyone joining in.

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