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What Can We Learn From British Summer Events?

Royal Ascot and Wimbledon are enriched in tradition and celebrated across the nation. What can we learn from these infamous events?

Wimbledon Whites or Ascot’s dinner suits and hats, these infamous events are easily recognised for their lavish dress codes

Traditional British summer events are when stereotypes are embraced. Scones, tea and strawberries are all out in force and celebrated across the nation. 

Wimbledon and Royal Ascot are the quintessential British events that sum up our summer events season. Watched by millions of people, there are many lessons to be learnt from these events. 


Wimbledon Whites or Ascot’s dinner suits and hats, these infamous events are easily recognised for their lavish dress codes. 

Centuries of this tradition (since 1711 for Royal Ascot and 1877 for Wimbledon) consequently mean that a certain standard is expected. Putting in place a dress code such as this will, therefore, give your event a long-lasting and clear reputation. 

Whatever atmosphere you are aiming for, set the dress code in accordance with this. Relaxed or formal, let guests know the expectations and you will establish a solid and relatable image.

Not only does the correct dress code provide your event with an identity, but it demonstrates attention to detail, making the event tie together seamlessly. 


Any chef that has had the honour of catering for Royal Ascot is guaranteed to incorporate British produce into their menu creations. From food stalls to Michelin starred chefs, Ascot exquisitely caters for the masses. Regardless of the restaurant, all will follow the inclination towards using British produce. 

2018 saw the rise of Adam Handling taking control of the new Balmoral Restaurant in the Royal Enclosure. Inspired by the Scottish Highlands, Adam mixed this passion with traditional British cuisine offering a stunning fusion of smoked halibut, beef wellington as well as tatties and neeps! 

Guests will admire any use of locally sourced British produce at events; it symbolises sustainability and support to the local economy and community! 


Strawberries and cream, Victoria sponge, scones, Eton Mess. All these foods were present at the origins of Ascot and Wimbledon and are still around today. Standing the test of time, these traditional foods are reinvented each year; keeping to traditions whilst adding a modern touch. 

Soak your fruit in Pimm’s to spice up your scones or have a mashup of Eton Mess and cheesecake for a delicious concoction. Our creative catering partner, AlchemyLive has done just this with their recent Strawberry cheesecake involving meringue kisses and strawberry pate de fruit served with brown sugar ice cream. 

This principle can be transferred to any dish that you wish to have at your event. Be it Yorkshire puddings or a trifle – make the dish your own and it can still be a crowd pleaser. 


There may be a heatwave forecasted in the week running up to the event, but we know all too well that British weather cannot be trusted! At any moment the heavens can open so you must be prepared.

Provide shelter near food stalls like at Ascots’ Windsor and Village enclosures or have a semi-permanent or retractable roof as seen at Wimbledon. The venue of choice is important in the success of this assurance that guests will be covered before the first drop of rain falls. Choose wisely and your perfect British summer event cannot be ruined! 

The safest option for any British event is booking an indoor space, if possible. People will be grateful for the cool air-conditioning if the weather is too hot and you will also have the benefit of being able to decorate elaborately. 

Bring the outside indoors and use decorations to make guests feel as if they are outside. Our recent theming installation did just this; The Ballroom’s Enchanted Forest transported guests to a magical woodland having no clue they were indoors. 

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