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Virtual & Hybrid Event Solutions

Curate42, our chosen digital solutions partner, have a wealth of knowledge and experience in bringing a vast range of virtual & hybrid events.

Virtual & Hybrid Events

Curate42 understand your business and event objectives to ensure you are using the best solution for your event whether virtual or hybrid. They are platform-agnostic, finding the right platform for your event, curating your participant experience around what you want to achieve and help you set the objectives too.

They offer a live-streaming team to check the quality of speaker's broadband connections, sound, lighting and positioning are the best quality live cast on the day. Or pre-record speakers and send a tech care package to ensure the best quality recording or live-streaming. 

Offer sponsors branded pages and their materials to download as well as share valuable data on participants interactions. Even share data in a format with your own CRM to follow up on more bespoke marketing and keep your content up after your event to use in your future marketing campaigns and events.

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Curate42 offer a unique event networking platform which allows authentic real life mingling and conversations in a shapeable world for up to 50 people per room. Network in a virtual space where you only hear and engage with the people and content closest to you.

VRooms can contain branded content such as video, images, screen share and live streams to represent your company or campaign. Using purpose built templates with customisable in room content or creating a bespoke room to your exact event needs

Larger gatherings, exhibitions and events can be held over multiple rooms for guests to move between with the ability to broadcast to all guests in all rooms at once.

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