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World's first Holographic telepresence over 4G

On 26th January Charles Boyd, Director and Owner of 8 Northumberland Avenue and Ian O’Connell, Director of Musion used the Musion technology already installed in London’s most central venue, to conduct a Q&A session with only Charles being physically present in the venue.

We’ve had an increase in social media activity with new followers, press coverage and some great feedback

This ability to reproduce, between different locations, the best characteristics of direct human interaction that result from face-to-face meetings has been in existence for many years.  So how is this so unique and a significant improvement to the events industry?

* Telepresence normally requires an expensive fibre optic cable and a dedicated network management system operating between two venues.  It’s been no coincidence that Tele-coms companies were the only people that could afford this because they could use their own lines

* This new technology using eight 4G SIM cards in a box all working together to stabilise the signal to deliver the 3D image seen, massively reduces the cost

* Telepresence is a well known technology to aid a reduction in event costs and indeed car-bon footprint: there’s no need to go to the expense of flying a key note speaker over from New York and paying for their accommodation. But as Ian highlights:

"Using 3D holo-graphic telepresence over 4G goes further and creates a truly live experience, more im-mersive than talking to someone via a 2 dimensional screen.  It enables people physically located in one meeting room to see 3D holographic images of people in another location as if they were sitting opposite them.”

8 Northumberland Avenue has already seen the benefits of using this technology. Charles Boyd highlights:

"We are focused on being at the forefront of technology advancements to ensure our clients receive the highest return possible on their event investment by amplifying their messages. We've already seen this for ourselves at the event we hosted for corporate buyers last month.  We’ve reached a far wider audience than those who just attending the event.  We’ve had an increase in social media activity with new followers,  press coverage and some great feedback."

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