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Why values are important at work and in our personal lives

Many companies have articulated a set of values that are unique to their culture and mission, but tangible and clearly outlined values that everyone can see and practice are not easy to accomplish.

Being more aware of your core values is a great way to understand what motivates you.

The 31Practices & 8 Northumberland Avenue

At 8 Northumberland Avenue, we have our own internal set of 31Practices designed to help us stay happy and focused on our core mission – to deliver amazing events for our clients. 

Each day we focus on one of our 31Practices which are all built on our around Essential Ingredients (our term for values) of people, trust, excellence, can do and passion. A few of the practices we follow and the Essential Ingredient they support are: 

•           We lead by example (People)

•           We learn from setbacks (Can Do)

•           We are calm and reassuring (Trust)

•           We look the part (Excellence)

•           We pay attention to details (Passion)

•           We deliver what we promise (Can do)

•           We invest in training and practice (Trust)

•           We set and achieve challenging targets with measurable milestones along the way (Excellence)

 Consciously practising becomes subconscious

Reminding ourselves of one of core values each day is a great way to remain focused and improve over time because the more we consciously practice our Practices, the more natural they are to us.

The concept is driven by psychology theory from areas such as:

●          Mindfulness

●          Internalisation

●          Positive reinforcement

●          Awareness

●          Imprinting

This award-winning approach has a track record of developing alignment, congruent behaviour, and a higher sense of fulfilment. The translation of your stated values into a set of daily practices results in a level of self-awareness you probably didn’t have before.

However, not all organisations use a values-driven approach. More and more employees nowadays are leaving highly paid executive positions to pursue careers that are more meaningful for them. 

For these individuals, a job that is exciting and emotionally rewarding is more important than financial remuneration. While the definition of ‘rewarding’ and ‘meaningful’ work will vary from person to person, it is nearly always linked to the topic of values. 

One of the main reasons people are dissatisfied with their jobs is that their work, industry, or employer is incompatible with their values. Employees often don’t even realise that this is the reason for their unhappiness. 

They just feel that something isn’t quite right in their working lives. In extreme cases, this can even be a cause of serious illness.

Being more aware of your core values is a great way to understand what motivates you. Every person is unique in terms of what motivates them. For some, it’s money, or prestige, or peer recognition. For others, it’s altruism or a need to help people. 

Once you realise what drives you, you’ll have a better idea of where you need to be and how to behave.

Accomplishing this level of self-awareness makes it is much easier to find the type of career and industry that suits you best. 

So how can you expect to feel after integrating a similar set of practices into your daily life? Once your personal values have been clarified, you will find it a lot easier to understand what motivates you and heed any gut feelings that suggest you are on the wrong path. 

Having a set of values also enables you to create goals that resonate with you, as opposed to those which do not motivate or frustrate you. If your goal is compatible with your core values, this will provide you with strong inner motivation and a far greater chance of accomplishing the goal. 

When your work, career, and company make you feel good inside, you are likely to achieve much more motivation, fulfilment, success and happiness.

If you need more information on the 31Practices for organisations or on an individual level (my31Practices), contact Alan Williams, SERVICEBRAND GLOBAL at alan@servicebrandglobal.com.

For more information on holding an event at 8 Northumberland Avenue, contact a member of the team.

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