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How to Plan A Successful Fashion Show

It takes more than good clothes to create a perfect fashion show, we explain why.

The event doesn’t have to end after the show. Continue the experience with an afterparty where you can immerse your guests further

Fashion shows are creative, aesthetically pleasing and forward thinking; far more so than any other event category. They continuously push the boundaries of event production and fluctuate in trends from minimalistic sets to over the top shows. With London Fashion Week all wrapped up, it is the perfect time to take inspiration for the forthcoming year. 

Fashion shows are a platform for designers to express their creativity and, therefore, require a lot of planning in order to be successful. We’ve offered some guidelines to help you organise an innovative fashion show following the latest trends. 


The venue is the canvas on which designers are able to play out their vision. Finding the correct one is, therefore, essential. 

However you choose to reveal the latest clothing collection will determine which venue is most suited. This can be expressed through themes, immersive experiences or technology and will be reflected in the venue of choice. Matching your vision to the correct venue is the vital first step. 

Choosing to host the show in London comes with endless venue options, all varying in design, period and size. You can be sure that at least one will meet the requirements. Our central London venue with its unique, Victorian interior has been host to many fashion shows, all of which utilised the space in a different way. 

The most important elements to consider when choosing a venue is the size. An intimate affair for 10 people or a large-scale event broadcasted globally should be accompanied by a proportionate venue. 


Fashion shows no longer consist of a simple stage with a spotlight. Designers continuously push the boundaries of normality, and you must do the same. Telling a story or having an over-all concept will bring together your event and make it more than just a clothing demonstration. 

For example, Rhianna’s 2018 showcase of her Fenty x Savage collection focused around diversity. The show used models from all different walks of life who danced and performed on a garden stage. 

Decide on a concept that sparks curiosity and there will be no problem filling the seats! 


It’s not just what you do but who you invite. Fashion shows are gold mines for press and promotional opportunities. 

Dramatic lighting, potential celebrity attendance and the chance to see a collection displayed for the first time, all create the perfect atmosphere for promotion. All you need is a hashtag and you’re good to go. Social media will be filled with inspiring images from the catwalk. 

Invite the correct people in order to help promote your show. Micro and macro influencers are a great place to start due to their influential voice over their dedicated followers. Research the correct influencers to use and you will have an invaluable marketing source; 91% of people trust them more than traditional techniques. 


Revolutionary production is how your fashion show will stand out. Stage sets are continuously changing and becoming more and more abstract. From circular catwalks to having the models walk through the audience, there are no boundaries to your production sets. 

Anya Hindmarch is an inspiration to all with her innovative catwalk designs. Optical illusions to the M25 motorway, she still continues to surprise her audience each year meaning the show receives vast amounts of publicity. 

Lighting is essential to enhance any show. Moody with spotlights in a decadent space or filled with light in an open warehouse, lighting is what makes the show dramatic. Take the time to work carefully with the correct company to produce a show your guests will remember. 


The event doesn’t have to end after the show. Continue the experience with an afterparty where you can immerse your guests further. 

Provide themed catering in line with your concept, especially for experiential events, to continue your guest's journey and make the event fully immersive. Themed food stations are ideal for excitement by bringing guests to different parts of the world and experiencing new cuisines. 

To really establish your show as something unique bring in the latest catering trends. Live dessert stations where chefs create an edible piece of art, liquid nitrogen or dessert walls are some ideas that are bound to wow your guests.

If you’re looking to host a fashion show, contact our event consultants for further information. 

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