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How to Sell Out Your Event – Guaranteed!

Learn how to sell out your event, effortlessly.

In 2018 there was £1,992 million worth of ticket sales in the UK alone!

The most important factor for any event organiser is to sell out their event. With over 85 million people attending events in the UK every year, that’s a lot of seats to fill and a lot of potential revenue to be made.

In 2018 there was £1,992 million worth of ticket sales in the UK alone. To secure your portion of this we have offered our advice to guarantee that every event is a sell-out.


To build up hype for your event, you will need to provide some essential information whilst keeping some secrets. Without knowing the fundamentals of the event you will struggle to sell tickets! 

Location is one of the most important pieces of information to provide. As simple as it may seem, you can add endless amounts of value to your event by promoting the local area. This is twice as important with an international clientele. 

How can your guests keep themselves occupied? Are there any famous landmarks or restaurants in the vicinity? Where shall they stay? Provide them with this information and you will be closer to selling out your event. 

It will make their decision to book that much easier, as it paints the picture of the event in its entirety. 

Choose a central or easily accessible venue so the location cannot be an issue for any attendees. Any event at our venue will tend to use our own taglines to promote their event – ‘London’s most central venue’, ‘only a stone’s throw away from Trafalgar Square’. 


Reward your most loyal customers for their dedication and offer them an early bird offer on tickets. 

This is best done during the current event that they are attending. You can provide your clients with the newest information and offers in order to entice them for the following year. They will already be aware of what you can offer meaning they are twice as likely to return. This is extremely important with the 'try before you buy culture' as 81% of people now do extensive research before committing to a purchase. 

These early promotional offers should not be limited to repeat clients – advertise the deal to any potential client. You can attract a large audience at an early stage through highly sought after deals for a limited time. If these early bird tickets are a success, you can be confident that the remainder of the tickets will sell out. 


This then leads us on to our next point; the fear of missing out. For most people, the animalistic instinct of survival of the fittest will take over. Hunting your prey or securing an in-demand ticket, either way, it means that missing out cannot be an option. 

By creating a sense of exclusivity and excitement, you can be sure to sell out your event. Let your guests know who will be attending and tease them with photos and videos. Information leaks such as this will increase your event’s desirability.  


Without a clear brand identification, attractive event page and catching video material, you will find it difficult to convert any sales. 

Make sure your photography and videography are demonstrative of the event and expresses all its benefits. Sponsors are an extremely useful additional resource so ask them to promote this material as it will be in their own interest. 

It is important to create an event page or site that includes a widget, to give visitors the ability to buy tickets directly. 


Finally, what is the most effective way to sell out any event? Don't be intrusive with marketing and try to oversell! In a millennial age of wanting to find trustworthy brands, it is imperative to let your potential clients come to their own decision.

Build a rapport with your audience by offering genuine advice and information for them to make an informed decision. The best way to do this is through social media, so ensure that your event page is prevalent on all channels. 

The rule of 7 is an easy way to ensure that you do not over-sell; for every seven comments, you can do one promotional plug. This will allow you to express your genuine interest whilst subtly pushing the event. 

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