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How Eventprofs cut out sugar for a month

Here at London’s most central venue we decided to give Stoptober a twist. As the busy period kicks in at our events venue in central London, the team have less time to socialize so cutting out drinking wouldn’t be very difficult. We thought about what would be a real challenge? Sugar of course.

"This has a huge effect on my mood meaning I feel happier as well as healthier."

We are all guilty for reaching for the chocolate when we are tired and seeking comfort so to take it away was not an easy move. Everyone knows sugar is not good for your teeth but did you also know that it could affect your sleeping pattern, your skin and your mood!

At the beginning of our work sugar ban, our moods dropped and the cravings heightened but after a month everyone feels a huge difference and shock: no more crashes! Here are the team's substitutes and tips for cutting sugar out of your diet.


Breakfast: “I have been using cinnamon on my porridge as it is a great natural sweetener and adding raisins and coconut to give variety.

Coconut milk with chia seeds and fresh fruit has been a winner for me. The fresh fruit reduces cravings for sugary treats.”

Snacks and drinks: “Liquorice tea is naturally sweet and the heat is comforting.

Nakd bars – compressed fruit with no added sugar are great for on the go when you don’t have time to be prepping fruit.”

Benefits: “Clearer skin has been the most noticeable effect for me and I feel great! I no longer feel guilty after eating lots of sweets and chocolate and now have a more healthy addiction to Nakd treats!”


“Peanut butter. It has saved my life! Make sure you buy completely natural (it’s just ground peanuts) and it will be the best investment. I have it with everything from fruit to rice cakes. It gives a natural fix that doesn’t leave you crashing after. If there is one thing to keep in your draw, this is it.”

Benefits: "I have lost weight and certainly feel less sluggish which is great when balancing life as an Event Manager. My skin suffered in the beginning but now it’s much brighter which also makes me feel happier!"


“In my draw, I always keep a packet all natural vegan sweets with no added sugars and rice cakes with a variety of toppings such as peanut butter, homemade guacamole and hummus. Working at a busy events venue in central London means we have to eat efficiently and effectively, top up on proteins to keep you boosted and ready for the early morning set ups and the late evening clean ups!”

Benefits: "I have a lot more constant energy rather than up and down spurts. This has a huge effect on my mood meaning I feel happier as well as healthier. I don't feel bloated which is a huge bonus. It's a great feeling all round!"


“Eat strawberries, raspberries, blueberries and any other berry you may wish. The natural sweetness is a great afternoon boost. Flavoured green tea has been a great alternative to coffee with flavoured syrups, green tea is surprisingly very energizing!”


“My appetite has suppressed immensely meaning I eat less and what I am eating is fresh and good for me. I have also noticed my skin and sleeping pattern have improved dramatically.”

At our events venue in central London, AlchemyLive is always finding new ways to make your food healthier, without losing flavour. 

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