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How commuting affects your guests

In the past 5 years there has been a significant rise in people wanting to spend less time commuting around London and rightly so.

A commute that takes over an hour has a negative effect on personal wellbeing.

The BBC state that a commute that takes one hour to one hour-and-a-half, has the most negative effect on personal wellbeing and if you are travelling by bus, anything longer than 30 minutes is enough to dampen your day.

One of the reasons for this is that London is a city full of amazing things to do, new pop-ups appearing everyday and more experiences than you have time to actually do. When you combine this with the constant fear of missing out, you have a generation that are at their unhappiest when waiting, queuing and spending an hour on a cramped, hot train with someone’s book lodged into their back. 

This is the generation of Uber, Deliveroo and of course social media, that demands speedy solutions and cannot wait for anything. The less time it takes to get from A to B, the happier the person.

Finding the perfect venue for an event is a huge priority but it’s not just about the size and style, the location is also key. It could have a huge influence on your event turn out and the better the location, the lower your drop out rates will be.

To ensure your guests are arriving happy and stress free, think about the possible commute they have to do to get to the venue. If it’s anything over 20 minutes you already risk having unhappy guests.

If you are fortunate enough to obtain the data of where your guests will be commuting from, this can help dramatically and if not, choosing a venue that is centralised with great transport links is a safe solution.

Using a central London venue means that you are accessible to more areas of homes and work. Great transport connections are also vital, especially tube stations as the study shows that buses are the least favourable form of transport.

As London’s most central venue we are proud to say we have many happy guests arriving through our doors. The venue is easy to reach from all areas, with two tube lines within minutes walking distance.

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