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Eventopedia launch Virtual Site Inspection Video

Venue operators looking to move into the 21st century now have a cutting edge video technology that helps promote their event spaces to the increasingly busy corporate event planner. Called the Eventopedia Virtual Site Inspection, the system is fast to film with interactive information links within the engaging content.

A long-term advantage of the video for the venue is its ability to increase sales conversion.

 The technology has been designed by a unique collaboration between industry experts and

BAFTA Awards winning film producers.
The video’s interactive element allows the event professional to access
the individually relevant information on the venue at the time they want
to without missing out on the rest of the video content. This could be
anything from an information graphic on the capacity charts to a side
video on the sustainable in-house catering. Sharing the content directly
through social media links is very easy making the video an excellent
promotional tool.

A long-term advantage of the video for the venue is its ability to increase
sales conversion. By showing off the venue in its best light and
combined with all the relevant venue facts, the technology will make
more of the appropriate clients arrange site visits. In turn this will
prevent some unnecessary proposal writing saving venues sales staff
precious time.

The early adopter of this technology is London's most central venue 8 Northumberland Avenue. The management and Eventopedia creative team have already produced a multi dimensional product that they are extremely proud of. 
Charles Boyd, Owner and Director of 8 Northumberland Avenue said,
“As part of 8 Northumberland Avenue’s commitment to innovative
technology, we believe that this interactive video provides clients with
information in an easily digestible, memorable and even entertaining
format on line. We need to help clients enhance their ROI and that
starts with being more efficient with their time before they've even
selected the venue for their event.”

8 Northumberland Avenue client and Head of Events at The British
Venue Capital Association, Amy Abbott said, “VSI shows off the venue
perfectly allowing us to explore much more that traditional videos and
images. When adopted by more venues, VSI will make our lives much
easier and help prevent unnecessary site visits.”

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