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Exciting event photography trends for 2019

Great photography is key to promoting any event. Whether you're giving the potential guests a sneak peak or an important insight, standard photography just won't cut it anymore.


Through photography you can demonstrate the unmissable features of your event, the guest experience and also the fantastic guests in attendance. Without substantial evidence of the event’s success, selling tickets for the next event can become all the more difficult. Hiring a talented photographer is therefore a necessity.

This should be somebody that you can express your visions to, and who will understand how you wish your event to be captured. Steering away from the traditional designs, these latest photography trends will help show off your event in a unique light and help sell it to future prospects.  


Whilst larger landscape shots can be helpful in providing a fuller picture, adding in a macro image to your event portfolio will add a different dimension. These detailed images are far more appealing as they pick up elements of the subject which we do not normally notice, making them more captivating. 

Pick up details in the food to emphasise on textures and colours. Another useful artistic technique is to focus on a smaller object, a branded menu or name badge for example. This works exceptionally well if you don’t want to give away too much to future guests about the event. 


360 & aerial photography provide a more detailed insight into your event and can help transport those that couldn’t make it to your event. Large events with multiple spaces will benefit from this the most, as it can provide a map to those that have not attended before.

As drones become more affordable, the ability to invest in aerial photography has increased. From a bird’s eye view of the venue to watching the event unfold, valuable moments of the event can be captured through aerial photography and filming. 


High-dynamic range imagery is accomplished through taking a series of images at different shutter speeds to produce a light, medium and dark photo. These photos are then layered on top of on another to produce an image which combines the shadows and highlights of each image. 

This effect is very striking, making the image appear almost digitally enhanced. HDR will work well for statement images such as the event set up, the scenic shot of the venue or dramatic moment such as a speaker on stage. 


The biggest technological advancement to date is the development of robotic photography. Being able to shoot at incredibly high speeds whilst moving, provides a dramatic effect which, when slowed down, can be made into film snippets. 

The best example of this has to be the Glambot. Stealing all the limelight from the 2019 award shows such as The Oscars and Grammys, the Glambot has paved the way in innovation. No longer will red carpet, step and repeat photography be a mundane experience. 

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