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Creative ways to keep delegates engaged

Your delegates have just enjoyed a five-star lunch spread. They’re fed, watered. Nice and warm...and looking suspiciously droopy eyed. The fact is, no one can be 100% focused all the time – we’re only human! Whether it’s to combat Friday afternoon exhaustion, or a bleary-eyed Monday morning start – how can you make sure your delegates are focused throughout your conference?


AlchemyLive Senior Event Manager Nikki Daniels gives her five top tips:

1. Audience participation:

The average attention span is between 7-10 minutes.  It’s therefore a challenge for every event organiser to find a way of keeping the audience captivated enough to absorb the content. Audience interaction is a great way of fully engaging people. Since we’re in the digital age, what better way than via devices likes iPads. This gives delegates the ability to take part in real-time surveys, email questions to a live panel, add content to twitter walls, comment on forums, or post feedback on the session.

2. Engage the senses and think outside the box:

Keep delegates engaged through the use of state-of-the-art intelligent lighting systems. For example, create an environment that mimics real daylight – a natural stimulant, or utilise a special “jet-lag” option to help re-energise guests who are on a different time zone. Alternatively, surprise your audience with different technologies. With 3D holographic technology you could have a guest appearance from the most unlikely candidate to really catch people’s attention!

3. Freebies

I’ve never meet a delegate who didn’t enjoy getting a little freebie at the end of the conference. Offering delegates a conference pack or goody bag on their exit is a sure fire way to keep them present for the whole day! Even little things like pen and paper double up as a fantastic branding opportunity and a method for delegates to record their notes.

4. Speed-networking

A snappy ‘speed networking’ environment will ensure everyone stays alert, engaged and on top of their game. Make sure the area is set up for the modern delegate – mobile charging points, interactive information points and of course, a few tasty nibbles.

5. Instagram-worthy food

We get a lot of positive feedback: fabulous staff, beautiful venue, great location... but what people really rave about is food.  Most professional Londoners have been to their fair share of swanky events, so tasty, healthy, artistically presented cuisine is not enough to stand out these days. To really get people’s attention, consider a surprising spread. A themed-breakfast, or bento boxes instead of a typical lunch buffet? Another tip is to make sure you don’t overload your guests with nap-inducing carb-fests. A sweet treat will help to give them a sugar rush to push through the afternoon – perhaps their own smoothie making station?

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