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8 ways to repair your body after the festive season

Christmas is the one time of the year we can all indulge and not feel guilty. That is until January hits, the New Year’s resolutions are made and the gym memberships are bought.

If you’re feeling the pinch after Christmas, buy lots of fresh veg and bulk make soup.

Here at our events venue in central London, we share our tips for getting back into a routine and repairing your body after the festive period.

1. Eat lighter at dinner

You will sleep better and conserve your calories for breakfast and lunch where you need the energy. A good night’s sleep is vital so getting back into a routine and setting a bedtime is a must.

2. Do cardio exercise three times a week

It will increase your stamina and improve mental performance. Start off slow and work your way into it so not to push yourself too hard, especially if you haven’t participated in any exercise for a while. At our events venue in central London, we recommend choosing a friend who can act as an accountability partner meaning you can motivate one another.

3. Include chilli and lemon into your diet to boost your metabolism

Squeeze half a lemon into hot water and add a dash of honey to soften the bitterness.

4. Cut down on alcohol

A glass of wine has 160 calories, had two glasses? That’s the same as eating a cheeseburger so make your choice wisely! Our sister restaurant, Boyds Grill & Wine Bar will be serving healthy, yet hearty dishes of the day throughout January which will help you with that calorie count! Ask about the January Mocktail for a fruity booster.

5. Save money

If you’re feeling the pinch after Christmas, buy lots of fresh veg and bulk make soup. Healthy, no added sugar and you’re saving money!

6. Set yourself a challenge

Push yourself to the limit with a big challenge such as a half marathon or tough mudder for real motivation once Christmas is over.

7. Gain back that routine you had before the festive period

At our events venue in central London, we understand those that work in events, hospitality or retail will benefit mostly from this after those hectic late nights. Get up 10 minutes earlier each morning to ease yourself back into a normal working day. 

8. Having trouble sleeping?

As difficult as you may find it, ban all sugars, caffeine and heavy food from 4pm. Drink camomile tea, take a bath instead of a shower and use lavender in your room as a natural calming scent.

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