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Stay ahead of the game and keep up with these latest event trends for 2019.

Technological personalisation will also be a much-appreciated, upcoming feature to improve your attendees experience on an individual basis

As another year draws to a close, we can look back with hindsight and see how the events industry has evolved. New technologies, food trends, topics of interest and styling preferences are continuously evolving. Being agile to change and keeping ahead of the latest industry trends is key to hosting a relevant event. 

We look to 2019 to see what’s install for the forthcoming year.


Technology enhances events from the moment guests register, to providing post-event data. 2019 will be sure to develop the technological enhancements available to the events industry. 

It is expected that facial recognition will pay a huge part in future events, making the checking in process quicker and safer than ever before. Also, expect to see augmented reality and more intelligent chatbots around your events to heighten the sponsorship and guest experience. 

Technological personalisation will also be a much-appreciated, upcoming feature to improve your attendees experience on an individual basis. Assessing your guest’s needs, from sending notifications if they pass by a sponsor stand they registered interest in, to only receiving relevant emails, the event experience as a whole will be more enjoyable. 


The centre of an event will most likely be the food. If you’re lucky enough to be hosting repeat events, you may find it hard to keep up innovation and make each event unique. Thankfully, food trends are ever evolving. 

Street food stalls will be making their way into events; imagine Camden Lock or Borough Market, but brought into an event space. They will be serving the latest crazes of delicious treats, including halloumi fries and egg burgers. This also ties into the growing power of millennials. Now coming into fruition, this age group will be the ones attending events, and will, therefore, determine the next trends. Hence the popularity of grab and go catering.

Art will also become a regular feature, but not in the way you may think. Creative live dessert tables which enthral your guest with an edible artistic creation. They will be an innovative addition to any event; beautiful, entertaining and unique. 

Finally, the sourcing and provenance of ingredients will also play a bigger part than ever as the environmental state continues to be in question. Reducing wastage to a minimum, and paying attention to where the food comes from will be on your guest’s minds. Choose a caterer whose philosophy reflects this to demonstrate your environmental consideration. 


Events for the sake of events will become less and less popular. No longer will attendees be satisfied with generic events without a purpose. Rather than focusing on the typical incentives of education, entertainment or networking, find out what your demographic truly wants to improve upon. Make it meaningful and unique. 

For example, wellness will be a big trend for 2019. Therefore, try to encourage increased attendance by factoring these topics into your event. Put aside some budget for relaxation lounges and factor in time for to simply doing nothing rather than having a back-to-back timetable. To really impress, hire in motivational life coaches or provide wellness seminars as an alternative option for your attendees. 


Demonstrating corporate social responsibility (CSR) is a long-established part of most companies business strategies, and has now transpired into their events. As 2018 has shown, the importance of issues such as global warming and environmental damage is a pressing issue. These fears and advocation for improvement will only grow in importance during the forthcoming year. 

Event managers and planners will be finding more and more ways to support their clients in this respect. Reduction of plastic and carbon footprints, sustainable practices and materials will still be on the agenda and featured heavily throughout 2019’s events. 


We can’t avoid the topic of financial insecurity and budget cuts in the face of Brexit. No company is sure of their stability and resilience to such a dramatic change. Therefore, the unwillingness to commit to long-term plans and being tied to financial commitments is to be expected. 

Whilst it can be presumed that event budgets will not be cut entirely, some changes will have to be made. Smaller, more frequent events will now be less often and instead, there will be more emphasis on combining these to form one flagship event. 

This won’t be as detrimental for our industry as such. We can assume that there will be fewer events overall, however, when taking place they will be larger, more impressive and worthwhile; therefore, boosting the industries credibility. 

2019 will most certainly be a year of exciting change. Be sure to factor in these upcoming changes in order to make next year’s event as soon as possible. 

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