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Shadows of the past: A beautiful collaboration of the old and new

David Begbie artist of our mesh sculptures at 8 Northumerbland Avenue, showcases one of collaboration with art dealers Raccanello LePrince.

From the 30th of June to the 7th of July, Contini Art UK is showcasing a one-off collaboration ‘Shadows of the Past’ between art dealers Raccanello LePrince and sculptor David Begbie.

London’s most central venue, and in particular our founder Charles Boyd, have a long-standing love affair with art that has translated into unique characteristics in and around the venue. From the many paintings of Donnagh McKenna to Johan Andersson’s portraits ‘You are Just Where I want you’ and more recently ‘Blood and Water’ in our sister venue Boyds Grill & Wine Bar.

“Good art talks to my soul and like nature it has it has a serene depth and beauty to it which affects everyone, I want clients and guests to feel that when they come to the venue.” – Charles Boyd

Walking through the main corridor and down the stairs at 8 Northumberland Avenue, many guests will have stopped to admire and ponder the mesh cloud sculptures floating above the corridor and leading them down the stairs. 

These ‘CIRRUS SERIES’ sculptures were created by renowned sculptor David Begbie MRBS specifically for 8 Northumberland Avenue in 2012. The sculptural representations of water vapour or clouds can look solid as you see them from above and below.

To celebrate London Art Week between the 30th of June to the 7th of July, Contini Art UK is showcasing a unique art exhibition presenting a one-off collaboration ‘Shadows of the Past’ between art dealers Raccanello LePrince and David Begbie.

Begbie has translated the two-dimensional surfaces of the classical period works through his wire mesh sculptures and in the process, channelling their ethereal qualities into the contemporary age. 

Abandoning his traditional method of working with the preconceived idea of the human form for the first time, Begbie has used images on the iconic works of art to inspire his work to create collaborate pieces of Art. 

The project will be focusing on 5 specific elements to extract from the Classical works graciously provided by Raccanello LePrince: Circular Plates, Vases, Drapery, Fruits and the Classical Figure.

To see this unique and limited exhibition, visit Conti Art UK at 105 New Bond Street W1S 1DN before the 7th of July.

For more information on the collaboration and exhibition click here.

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