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The Experts Guide to Events: Planning the Perfect Wedding

In the second edition of our series, our resident Bride to Be, Hayley, offers her top wedding tips for creating the perfect wedding day.

It’s the small details that will make the difference. Find individual stockists to make your wedding unique

In the second part of our ‘Expert’s Guide’ series we speak to our Key Account Manager and resident Bride to be, Hayley. Planning a wedding can be the happiest yet most stressful time of anyone’s life. The venue, what food to serve, should there be a theme - and that’s all before the most important matter of the dress! 

Incorporating her expertise of providing a five-star experience to all our clients into her own wedding planning, Hayley has offered her top wedding tips to organising the perfect day. 

THE VENUE - ‘‘Your first job is to secure the venue, it’s the most important part of the day!’’

Whilst it may be stating the obvious, the venue is the most integral part of the wedding. It is what your guests will remember and associate with your special day. Having a long-standing background in event consultation at our London wedding venue, Hayley had the privileged position of understanding the need to book early.  

It is never too early to begin the search for the dream wedding venue as most of the top spaces will be booked out one to two years in advance. To avoid this potential issue, follow Hayley’s example and choose an off-peak date. A weekday wedding may seem off-putting however, there are many advantages to consider. Your guests will make the effort to attend no matter what, and those who do can turn it into a holiday by extending their stay and exploring the local area. 

In addition to this, you will find it possible to get a 5%-20% discount from the majority of your suppliers due to having a wedding during the week!

THE DRESS - ‘‘Be clever with your dressing shopping – research first, then go into the stores’’

For most brides, the most exciting part of the wedding planning experience is the all-important dress. However hard it may be to resist, do your research before searching through the shops. The most effective way to do this is to research the designer, not bridal shops. 

Instagram pages or Pinterest boards are perfect for some inspiration to understand the style of dress you are after. Once this has been decided, your search for bridal shops will be seamless as you can tailor it according to the stockists of your chosen designer. 

Hayley’s top tip is to go slightly further afield from central London to avoid the expected £50 charge to try on dresses! 

THE DECORATIONS - ‘’It’s the small details that will make the difference. Find individual stockists to make your wedding unique’’

Having a clear vision of how you want the wedding to look will dictate how the day will work from the food to the decorations and entertainment. Therefore, the intricate details are just as essential as the main components. 

This task may feel overwhelming at first, but with a clear theme in mind, you will save time by providing a focused approach to your research. For her wedding, Hayley decided upon three essential elements; a British, elegant and fun wedding. 

Firstly, as the entertainment will be the centerpiece of the wedding, this should be a carefully thought priority! It is imperative that they can provide the correct level of entertainment that you are after, be it a chilled jazz ensemble or a band to keep you dancing until the early hours of the morning. 

The same mindset can be applied to the finer details of menus, decorations, name places etc. Take time to find individual stockists to not only save money but to add that handmade, unique touch. 

A wedding stylist to organise and set out these personal touches is certainly worth the money. They can offer inspirational advice and will alleviate any stress on the wedding day.  

THE TRENDS - ‘’Don’t fall behind on the latest ideas, it will keep your wedding fresh and exciting’’

In order to keep your wedding relevant, follow the latest trends to which you can add your own personal twist. Below are some of our favourites we have seen at our London wedding venue for you to incorporate into your own wedding. 

  • Have two dresses – This will add a sense of glamour and will differentiate the two aspects of the wedding. 
  • Make the ceremony untraditional – You do not have to stick to traditions when it comes to the formalities. Personalise your ceremony with humorous speeches or choirs to make it special to you. 
  • Themed afterparties with unique catering – There are so many options to make your afterparty fun and catering stand out. From signature cocktails to prosecco bars to themed food stations and sharing menus, there are endless possibilities. 
  • Social Media – Most weddings will have their own hashtag. Get your guests to use your own tag when posting on social media; it is a great way to find all the photos from the day. 

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