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The 31Practices approach turns the theory into a daily practice where the actions and behaviours are understood by all of us.

8 Northumberland Avenue, our partners AlchemyLive and Blue Hut Productions share a single objective to deliver 5-star event services.

Adding value through our values.

Every company has values that make them unique, but having clearly outlined, tangible values for all to see and more importantly practice, is not easy to do. It is an even bigger challenge when collaborating with partner companies to deliver events to the very highest standard.

During the demanding seasons and in particular, during the hectic Christmas run up, 8 Northumberland Avenue is normallu in operation around the clock. 

The venue and sales team show prospective clients around the spaces by day whilst the AlchemyLive events team prepare and deliver events from morning until night and then reset the spaces in the early hours for the next day. This all runs alongside the Blue Hut Productions team constructing and deconstructing client’s bespoke production, stages and branding. 

 It is important for us to align our values, not only internally but also with our partners to ensure that the client’s experience is consistent throughout and reflects our standards. To do this, we have worked with SERVICEBRAND GLOBAL and the 31Practices approach which helps employees bring the brand of the organisation to life through their day to day behaviour.  The programme focuses on the employees helping to translate the organisational values into daily behaviours or practices.

8 Northumberland Avenue, our partners AlchemyLive and Blue Hut Productions share a single objective to deliver 5-star event services with a seamless and stress-free experience for our clients. 


The 31Practices approach has facilitated the application of that mission statement into measurable and actionable practices that can be performed by everyone, at all levels throughout the businesses, on a daily basis. It contributes to our overall business direction and brings our values to life, both as individual companies and as a team working together. 

The simple core concept is for everybody to consciously practice one Practice each day, every day of the month. Once you are mindful of that Practice and have put it into action, it becomes second nature and in time you subconsciously practice it on an ongoing basis. An example of this is using our Practice ‘We communicate very carefully’.

To put this into practice we are mindful during all conversations, emails and phone calls to communicate clearly and check understanding to avoid any possible misinterpretation. 

Another great practice is ‘We put our trust in others and look to earn their trust’. An example of this is an employee from one of our partner companies agreeing on a deadline date with a colleague and following through with it to make sure it happens, building trust and confidence.

Alan Williams, creator of 31Practices was the Managing Director of a 5-star hotel where he was first inspired by the idea of focussing on a daily practice to work by and because of this he understands the importance of having a core process in place, in a fast-paced environment such as hospitality.

We believe the 31Practices approach is a great way to encourage a collective, harmonious working environment and establish our brand values or “the way things work around here”.  This, in turn, leads to a happier workplace and giving clients a consistently positive service.

For more information on hosting an event at London’s most central venue, contact a member of the team today.  Or if you want to know more about 31Practices please contact alan@servicebrandglobal.com

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