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How to pair your wine

Jascots Wine Merchants and WineEd visited the 8 Northumberland Avenue and AlchemyLive team to give further insight into wine pairing.

What grows together, goes together.

8 Northumberland Avenue and event partners AlchemyLive understand the importance of the details that go into planning a dinner such as: the style of linen, the shape of the plate and the style of glassware. One detail that can be often overlooked by clients is the importance of wine pairing.

That’s why our team and AlchemyLive hosted a wine-pairing session with our suppliers Jascots Wines Merchants and WineEd, to understand how you can get the most from our menu and find the perfect wines for your event.

“Pairing the right wines is very important. Not only is it about the taste, but the smell and look all contribute to the experience, creating a lasting impression on your guests.” – Paul, WineEd

Here are some key points that we picked up from WineEd’s, Paul and Sarah, who kindly talked us through a wine pairing session with our menu.

No flavours should dominate

The flavour of the wine should not dominate the flavour of the dish, and vice versa. Both should compliment one another and work in harmony to give a combination that really sings. 

The asparagus/Sauvignon Blanc pairing was a great example of this as the grassiness of the Sauvignon pairs well with the very green taste of asparagus. After all, asparagus is notoriously difficult to pair wine with.

Opposites can attract

Although the wine should complement the dish, it doesn’t always have to match its taste. Sometimes the best pairing is when one strong taste contrasts with another. E.g. a sweeter wine to balance out a heavily spiced dish. 

Likewise, AlchemyLive’s deliciously rich, rocket and robiola tortellini works brilliantly with the crisp, fresh taste of an Italian Gavi, from Guido Matteo, because it refreshes the palette ready for the next bite.

What grows together goes together

Most of the top wine regions have a uniquely strong connection to the local cuisine. Both food and wine have grown up together and not surprisingly pair wonderfully well.

Richer wines for longer cooking

Generally the length of time it takes to cook your food is a great indicator of what to match when pairing wines. Foods such as stews and slow cooked meats have more intense flavours, and are great with warm climate wines that taste riper and bolder.

To find out more about wine pairing at your dinner, contact a member of our team.

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