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An Interview with UK’s Top Life Coach – How to Deal with Stress

We speak with leading life coach Carole Ann Rice on maintaining a healthy mind in one of the most challenging industries.

Putting your mental health first will mean that you can overperform on the tasks you already have made you a better employee overall.

Event season is underway and, as event experts, this means a hectic work schedule that leaves little room to relax. Long hours, high demands and added pressure are all on the horizon, but that does not equate to a diminished mental health.

In order to ease this arduous period of work, we have spoken to the country’s leading life coach, Carole Ann Rice, on how to best deal with stress. Recent winner of the Best Coach Award in 2017 and the only UK coach to have a weekly column in the national news (writing for the Daily Express for six years), her accolades are incomparable.  

With a wealth of experience spanning across fifteen years, Carol Ann has provided the ultimate guide to making it through this busy season.


Everyone deals with stress in different ways. Some thrive from it and some do not, but there is no correct way. The most beneficial thing one can do is to turn these trying times into something positive.

The first step in achieving this is to simply say no. To those meetings for the sake of meetings or for those additional tasks that you simply do not have the time to complete – say no. 

Instead, ask to have a call over the phone or for the task to be delegated to another member of the team who has the time. 

This does not mean that you are incapable; it means you are managing your health and being honest with yourself about your workload. This is what Carol Ann calls being ‘responsibly selfish’.  

Putting your mental health first will mean that you can overperform on the tasks you already have made you a better employee overall. 

This time of year, as we approach the festive period, can be a dangerous time for overstretching oneself. As hard as it is to accept, Christmas does not start in October. 

Reserve your energy and don’t feel obliged to over socialise. Only say yes to the gatherings that you truly want to go to, to maintain your health and put your full attention into the things that matter. 


Following on from above, one’s physical health can also be compromised at this time of year. A healthy body will be reflected in a happy mind, consequently reducing your stress levels. 

Cookies, chocolates and fried treats are everywhere you look so the temptation is strong but don’t make the mistake of starting your Christmas indulgence too early. Try to eat as healthily as possible, go for a walk a lunch and exercise as much as possible.

No one else can do this for you. It is up to your own willpower so commit yourself to these small acts of de-stressing. Eating healthily and exercising is proven to increase your wellbeing from the endorphins that they release. 

It’s simple to see that by having a healthy lifestyle you will feel better, therefore you are able to deal with stressful situations in a much better capacity. 


Managing your time properly and having clear goals are also effective ways to manage stress.

Make a list of no more than three achievable things and do this first thing in the morning. Ticking off tasks, no matter how small, will feel like a huge achievement and will set a positive outlook for the remainder of the day. You can then go on to tackle other jobs one by one, each time chipping away at the mountain causing your stress in the first place. 

Dividing your supposedly impossible tasks into smaller and manageable lists will help you finish your workload in a quicker, and stress-free, way. 


Perfectionism does have its benefits; hardworking and dedicated employees who produce perfect work. However, it can be more detrimental than good. Perfectionism fundamentally demonstrates a lack of self-confidence. As Brene Brown said ‘where there is perfectionism there is shame’. 

Hiding an inner fear that you are not good enough, perfectionists will deal with stress in a negative way. Refusing to ask and doubting their own work for help will only add fire to the situation and increase the workload. Ask for help when needed and understand that 75% is sometimes okay. 


This leads us on to the final, and most important point; have confidence in your abilities. The chances are that you’ve been in a stressful situation before which you have overcome, so remind yourself ‘I can, I did and I will again’.  

Remind yourself of these successful times by keeping a book of positivity; write down one hundred things that you’re good at and refer back to these when in doubt. 

The more confident you are the better chance you have to thrive in stressful situations.

For more information on Carol Anne Rice and how she can help you see here.

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