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How to convey personality on your wedding day

AlchemyLive's Head of Events, Ellie Barnard recently got married and it was fabulous yet personal. Ellie gives us her top tips to ensure your personality shines on your wedding day.

Created: 29th Sep 2016
The bigger the guilty pleasure, the more fun and unforgettable your day will be.

At the start of this year, we asked AlchemyLive’s Head of Events, Ellie, what trends she predicted for weddings in 2016. Now, after Ellie’s own wedding, we catch up with her again to ask how the couple made their personality shine on the big day.


It is your (and your fiancé’s) big day that you will only do once (hopefully). If you don’t like the idea of something then don’t do it! 

As an event planner at a central London wedding venue, I am always planning and organising other people’s events but this is the one opportunity I had that was completely my own and I wanted to make sure every aspect was personal and perfect. 

I chose not to get married in a church and instead of a white wedding dress I had head-to-toe gold sequins with a gold sequined catsuit as my evening outfit whilst my husband wore large a top hat adorned with feathers and sequins.


My theme and dress code was razzle-dazzle: sequins, glitter, Lycra, feathers and all things that sparkle. Having a themed dress code for guests saves you money on props because they become the theme.

It’s a great conversation starter between your guests and it means they get to show their creative side away from your usual wedding attire and works with any wedding venue.


Crazy about movies? Obsessed with the 1940’s? Whatever it is that makes you tick then use it. 

Don’t be afraid to mix up both yours and your groom’s interests, if a Disney princess/Star Wars mash-up is what you both want then bring the dream to life. The bigger the guilty pleasure, the more fun and unforgettable your day will be.

REMEMBER: Be true to yourself but don’t forget you are sharing your day with your family so take into consideration their thoughts and comfort.

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