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Conference series - Part 1 of 5: How to Brand Your Conference

We break down into steps what you need to take into consideration when branding your conference.

One of the biggest challenges is successfully distilling your brand promise.

We’ve all seen those events that simply can’t be missed. The ones that attendees flock to again and again, each time dragging along a different friend or colleague. What’s their secret? The right conference venue in central London? Exclusive offers?

For some, it’s a massive budget that allows them to hire celebrity keynote speakers and put together amazing goody bags. Not everyone has that budget to make that kind of splash. Instead, you can put together an unforgettable brand that makes your conference stand out again and again.

What Is Branding, Exactly?

There’s more to creating a successful brand than a flashy logo and a catchy headline. You want to create a mental shortcut between your event and a particular idea or concept. Take a look at the way the TED Conference became synonymous with good ideas, and you’ll see what we mean.

To make a great brand that resonates with conference attendees, it needs to contain four important qualities. When combined, these features represent your brand promise, which articulates what people can expect if they attend your event.

  • Unique: Potential guests and attendees want to know how your event compares to other, similar ones. To be successful, it needs to promise something unique that the other functions can’t.
  • Meaningful: If you want your event to resonate with attendees, its brand promise has to be meaningful to them. In other words, it has to be relevant to their desires and needs. When you understand your ideal customer, you’ve taken the first step to putting together a meaningful experience.
  • Authentic: Authenticity is a cornerstone of all successful brand experiences. To earn trust from your audiences and inspire credibility, you and your event need to be consistent with what your brand represents. We can’t stress this enough: inauthenticity can kill a brand relationship, as people can tell when you’re being insincere.
  • Consistent: The final piece of the puzzle is consistency. From the first contact with potential attendees to the conference venue in central London that you book and more, every detail must be faithful to your brand promise. Even your event website is an essential part of the process.

One of the biggest challenges is successfully distilling your brand promise. This is why so many events, once they book a conference venue in central London, start publicising their sponsors, speakers, and A-list guests but overlook the actual emotional benefits of attendance. 

Polls have shown time and again that people who are emotionally engaged with a brand are three times more likely to rebuy, recommend and far less likely to shop around.

Remember: once you make a brand promise for your event, always keep it. Once you’ve put a lot of effort and care into communicating your brand promise to prospective attendees, they will expect you to deliver.

When everything from the sponsors and speakers, to the bespoke branded canapés and giveaways in the goody bags, is consistent with what your brand stands for, you will enjoy long and happy relationships with your attendees.

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