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Five event food trends for 2017

Get ahead of the game with these 2017 predictions.

Anything that creates an activity or involvement from guests is a winner

As December is nearing and the buzz of Christmas parties and New Year’s Eve in central London is in full flow, we decided now is the best time to give you some great trends for event food in 2017.

Here is AlchemyLive’s forecast for the New Year ahead:

1. Poke

At our events venue in central London we all enjoy sushi but after our recent office sugar ban, we learnt that unfortunately, sushi rice is made with a lot of sugar! A healthier and trendier version of this is Poke – Raw fish served with salad or rice and it is set to be huge in 2017. 

2. Watermelon water

Meet coconut water’s younger, cooler sister. With natural potassium, citrulline (amino acids) and 60% vitamin C it will be a fantastic sweet drink for even the most health conscious of guests. Beyoncé has been photographed drinking it so it’s only going to get bigger!

3. Root to leaf

More and more people want to eat; healthier, more locally sourced and organic, which is great for us and the environment. The next evolution of this is called root to leaf; a process of using every part of your vegetable, leaving no waste.  As an events venue in central London we are always finding new ways to minimise food waste so we think this is great!

4. Seaweed

Move over kale, we have found the next big thing in vegetables and it’s incredibly tasty at that. With a list of minerals such as calcium, copper, iron and iodine as well as being high in fibre, protein and vitamins, we can see why this is the next big thing.

5. Experiential 

Experience has been a huge buzzword over the past year and this is not set to die down. Anything that creates an activity or involvement from guests is a winner. At our events venue in central London, we have a nitrogen ice cream bar where we whip up ice creams of all kinds of flavours from Jack Daniels and vanilla to popcorn.

The highlight of the bar is the dragon’s breath experience, which is a great party trick that will have guests oohing and aahing.

To find out more about how you can use some of these ideas at your next event, contact the AlchmeyLive team.

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