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5 biggest tech trends to expect from the rest of the year

Technological advancements are getting more technical by the minute so we've rounded up the highlights for the rest of the year, to share.

One of the biggest sources of buzz is a flying taxi service that is expected to debut this summer in Dubai.

Each year tech industry leaders and watchers alike start predicting the next big trend. While some ideas miss the mark, others are spot on and may even go on to revolutionise the industry. Here are five of the big tech trends for 2018, all of them arising from ideas so strong that their potential was obvious even in 2017. 

1. Quantum Computing

Long regarded as something strictly out of science fiction, quantum computing appears set to achieve prominence in 2018. It is expected to surpass mainstream supercomputers, which is inspiring many competitors to go to great lengths to enhance their qubit computing power while reducing the possibility of errors. Expect quantum computing to be paired with AI, encryption, and qubit generation this year and the results to appear at a conference venue in London.

2. Flying Automobiles

Conventional road safety books may become a thing of the past, as they won’t comply with this upcoming trend. Last year several companies set the stage for flying automobiles by coming up with their own models and testing them. This phenomenon is expected to develop in 2018. One of the biggest sources of buzz is a flying taxi service that is expected to debut this summer in Dubai. Watch as other transportation providers follow suit.

3. The Battleground Over Innovation

Government organisations have been expressing concern over the increasing power of technology companies. It has already inspired government pushback, and this trend is expected to continue as 2018 progresses. Whilst higher degrees of regulatory and government oversight are likely to protect consumers from unethical businesses, they may also have a dampening effect on innovation. The EU’s General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR) is one such measure expected to take effect from May 25th.


Radio frequency identification is a technology that will change the events industry dramatically and for the better. Long, tedious queues paired with badge printing and missing information mean guests are already flustered and annoyed before they have stepped foot inside the event's venue in London. RFID means people can arrive stress-free without creating a misconception on arrival.

5. Platform-Only Business Models Yield

Last year there were some interesting changes and developments at Airbnb, Uber, and other notable platform-based businesses. They all pointed towards a shift beyond business models that are platform-only and a gradual progression towards a partnership with and acquisition of asset providers. 

This move indicates a recognised need to differentiate and conquer some of the problems faced by platform-only businesses, with the desired outcome being an increase in the value of both digital and physical assets.

These are five of the biggest tech trends for 2018. It will be interesting to see how they develop and whether they will make all of the anticipated waves by the end of this year. At the very least, every conference venue in London will be discussing them.

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