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The Experts Guide To Events: Executing an Exceptional Dinner

Dinners can be tricky events to organise as every guest will have a different palate preference. With our Sales Manager, Olivia, we offer our top tips to help please all your guests at once.

Every single person has a different pallet, so to please the majority of your guests consider the demographic of those attending

If you wish to know the latest trends in food or the best places to eat in London, our Sales Manager Olivia should be your go to. Not only is her refined palate and love for fine dining apparent in her social life, but they also benefit the clients at 8 Northumberland Avenue. 

Offering her expertise, Olivia has helped some of our most prestigious clients plan successful dinners at our private dinner venue. In this weeks ‘The Experts Guide To Events’, Olivia kindly shares her top advice to guarantee a successful dinner.  


Once the event has been booked and the seriousness of planning and selling tickets is over, the most enjoyable part of any dinner event can commence - the food tasting! Chicken, beef or duck? The choices are endless meaning we can cater for all tastes

It is hard not to get overwhelmed by all the delicious options laid out in front of you or to not let your own taste buds dictate your decision. Every single person has a different palate, so consider the demographic of those attending to please the majority of your guests.

White meat and fish with a lighter dessert tend to be a winner with a largely female audience whilst red meats with rich accompaniments work well for a male-heavy event. 


The correct wine can elevate any dinner. A paired wine that is carefully thought out to complement the food demonstrates knowledge and professionalism, as well as effort. 

Although budget may not allow for a specified paired wine to go with every course, an upgrade that matches all the dishes chosen will work just as well. 

At our private dinner venue in London, we already offer premium house wines as part of our dinner packages to ensure every event has an enjoyable and luxurious experience. The Maison Sabadie Réserve with its citrus and peach aromas and the Sangiovese Angelo Rocca with its silty textures are clear crowd pleasers and will match with nearly any dish chosen from our menu.


The reception drinks and afterparty are just as important as the dinner as they set the tone for the evening and will determine how your guests will feel upon leaving.  

A simple but effective way to improve the reception is by having a signature cocktail. Our partner food specialists, AlchemyLive, are highly experienced at creating beverages to match a certain brand colour or incorporating flavours to express a concept. 

For the afterparty guests need to leave on a high; make the event memorable by ensuring they are well fed! Try interactive food stations for some theatre and fun. For something that guests have never seen before, our unique liquid nitrogen bar is a hit.   


The most effective way to host a memorable dinner is by emulating the most recent industry trends. From years of experience, our private dinner venue has witnessed some incredible and unique events that push boundaries. 

Swap a traditional three course meal for sharing platers to shake up what your guests are expecting. Having larger sharing dishes are perfect for increased networking and creating an enjoyable atmosphere as it encourages attendees to interact with one another. 

Another successful idea is to have a tasting menu paired with different wines. If time or budget does not allow for the traditional seven courses, four will be more than ample as we saw with our recent client, Travel Corporation Asia. Guests from across Asia were treated to a four course tasting menu, allowing them to experience multiple elements of British cuisine.  

Adding something special will leave a lasting impression with your guests.

If you are looking for some assistance planning your next dinner, contact Olivia from our events team who will be happy to help! 

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