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The Experts Guide to Events: Effective Holiday Marketing Campaigns

Halloween or Hanukkah, we have festive marketing tips for every holiday.

When promoting a product, start too early and you will annoy people with your perky holiday spirit, too late and you would have missed the crowds

The key to any successful marketing campaign is to pre-plan for the year ahead. Understandably, key dates will fall seasonally and evolve around particular holidays. From Easter to Halloween, Thanksgiving to Christmas, these seasonal celebrations will heighten people’s festive spirit and consequently their desire to spend. 

Having deliberately saved up for these particular milestones, there is a mutual understanding between suppliers and consumers for the supply of good deals in return for mass spending. Grasping your potential and willing audience during this time of increased generosity is a marketing must. 

Black Friday, the busiest shopping day of the year, is direct proof that with an effective holiday marketing campaign the potential for increased sales is unparalleled. A report by PWC in 2017 showed that on this one day alone, women spent on average £172 and men £225. 

These same principals can be applied when selling your event tickets; by targeting your audience at the correct time you will be able to dramatically increase your sales. Holiday marketing campaigns should, therefore, be a vital part of your event marketing cycle. However, with such a large-scale competition it can prove to be extremely difficult to get your product seen and most importantly, bought. 

We’ve spoken to our Marketing Manager, Chloe, to gain some insight into a building an effective holiday campaign. 



Timing is everything when it comes to getting results from your campaign. 

When promoting a product, start too early and you will annoy people with your perky holiday spirit, too late and you would have missed the crowds. You will need to get working on the details of the campaign a year in advance in order to finalise every aspect with enough time to spare. This should then be launched two to four weeks before the holiday itself. For example, during the Christmas period plan to begin your campaign around the beginning of November, just in time for Black Friday. 

However, promoting events works differently in this respect as it’s never too early to start selling tickets. You will still need to plan the campaign over a year in advance but launch this as soon as possible in order to obtain maximum conversions. Then factor in various holiday marketing boosts throughout the year.

Additionally, don’t limit your campaign to just one message or offer; think about how you are going to engage and entice your audience differently each week. We suggest having a day-by-day plan which dictates your social media posts, advertisements as well as website offers and codes to optimise the time you have. 


Deals and discounts come as an expected part of the holiday celebrations. Enticing people in this way has proven to be effective due to the psychology behind obtaining a bargain. Dr Tsivrikos from London Metropolitan University states that when seeing the opportunity for a deal, our mind tells us that we have gained control over the retailer. 

Offering an incentive does not necessarily mean money off. Early access to your event or ‘two for one’ offers on workshops can be just as effective. Work out what option is most financially viable for your event whilst being generous enough to not resist. 


Don’t be passive with your campaign. React accordingly to the differing levels of engagement that each part receives. Give your audience the material that they want to see by testing their reactions. 

AB testing is commonly used across all aspects of marketing and can be extremely effective here. By having two variations of the same post you can determine what content elements resonate with your audience. Change the text, imagery, use of emojis and even play around with videos to find your winning combination. 


Now that you’ve understood how to build the perfect campaign, you will need to obtain results from your efforts. 

People tend to engage with brands more than ever during the holiday seasons as they are actively looking for products and researching their validity. Social media is, therefore, the ideal place for increasing your audience engagement during this time, as it’s the most affordable and effective way to ensure that your brand is both seen and heard.  


By far, the most effective way to guarantee participation and interaction from your audience is to spark emotion. The storytelling of real-life scenarios and experiences will resonate with the public, and consequently your brand and products. 

Moreover, holiday seasons are full of emotion themselves. We all wait patiently each year for the Christmas advert reveals which evolve around the brand’s values. Do the same and throughout all of your holiday advertisements, try and link back your overarching message which the public can relate to.  


Bring out the festive cheer by tailoring your posts towards the holiday itself. The most beautiful Christmas wrapping tips, where to find the best Easter Sunday lunch or creative pumpkin carving ideas will all be relevant to the current social media discussions. 

This is extremely important as you will be more likely to appear in people’s news feeds or be searched for if you are covering the most relevant topics. The more that people see your brand the better as this will increase the chances of converting sales. 


It’s important that you are not just seen to be plugging your event or product. Give your brand a personality by opening up the chance for conversation. Simply speaking to your followers is the easiest way to get people interacting with your brand or event. 

Polls, questions, funny images or videos all work perfectly. However, if you are wanting to have guaranteed results then choose to do a competition or giveaway. Again, common during the holiday seasons, the offer of an exclusive prize is bound to spark a mass reaction. Before you launch the competition, be clear on what you want to gain from it, be it liking your page or sending in a picture with your brand, and make the instructions simple and clear to follow. 

Get in touch with Chloe from the team to find out how we can help with your next event. 

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