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A review of Event Tech That Works

We were delighted to be hosting an interactive educational event in partnership with Eventopedia. Like us they have a similar passion for working with cutting edge technology: they were launching our industry’s first interactive video. With the introduction of this, they aim to help clients by reducing unnecessary site visits, by providing more information at the shortlist stage.


Guests were welcomed by Virgin Atlantic and ushered into the Old Billiard Room to enjoy canapés and drinks by Alchemylive.

Toby Heelis from Eventopedia gave a short welcome and introduced Charles Boyd, Director of 8 Northumberland Avenue

Charles showcased Intelligent Lighting and how different colours can affect your guests’ mood. If you’re organising a conference in central London and need to focus everyone’s attention, particularly perhaps during an afternoon session, use red to re focus everyone’s attention. If you have delegates flying in from overseas to an awards dinner in London, a blue light will re energise everyone. 

Charles activated the Daylight Setting and explained how the lighting system cycled between different whites introducing subtle greys, yellows and even blues to replicate real daylight. Charles emphasized that we shouldn’t be fooled by promises of daylight settings from static lighting.

So how does that increase client’s return on investment?

1. More engaged delegates will take away a higher percentage of your key messages increasing the likelihood of your desired response

2. As the Intelligent Lighting system is already installed at 8 Northumberland Avenue, you’re lighting costs will be significantly lower

3. As the lights react to what’s on screen, you’ll need a shorter technical rehearsal reducing the time you need to hire the venue for and the amount of time a technical team will be on site.

1+2+3 = less cost to you!

Charles challenged everyone to measure this increase in ROI. Would you like to work with 8 Northumberland Avenue to measure the affect of colour at your event? Let’s compare a previous event with an event you’ll hold at 8 Northumberland Avenue and we’ll give you an extremely favourable rate! Contact us now to discuss how.

The lighting was then put to it’s full effect as a video was played and the room was immersed in the colours shown on screen.  Did you ‘feel’ the light? We did!

From the Old Billiard Room everyone was invited to The Ballroom. After signing in for individual iPad minis courtesy of Crystal Interactive and grabbing a bag of sweets from AlchemyLive’s sweetie stall we were all set for the first ever showing of the interactive video. 

The interactive video highlighted 8 Northumberland Avenue’s capacity to entertain up to 1,100 guests in grand staterooms and the cutting edge technology available to event organisers; the venue was the first in Europe to install the state-of-the-art Intelligent lighting system and the first venue in the UK with 3D Holographic Technology, Musion.

Chris from Crystal Interactive then took to the stage and made it clear that there was lots of generosity going on this evening but guests taking away an iPad mini was not one of them!
Following a quick introduction on how to use our iPad minis the audience took part in a quick quiz on 8 Northumberland Avenue;

* 84 of the delegates correctly answered that 8 Northumberland Avenue would be best described as being located in central London

* 73% of the delegates correctly answered that 8 Northumberland Avenue was used as a Ministry Of  Defence communications building.

* 62% of the delegates knew that 8 Northumberland’s two biggest rooms were The Ballroom and Old Billiard Room.

The functionality of the iPads was excellent: we could take notes on them which would then be emailed to us the next day, we can see who else is attending the event and we could post what mood we’re in.. there were plenty of these :)
The key note speaker Ru Barksfield, the Managing Director of Gruve took to the stage and got us all going with a tune from Meghan Trainor reminding us that ‘it’s all about the brief’, ie. that we all need to focus on what we want to achieve from using any piece of technology. 

Heard of Gamification?  It’s all about bringing a playful element to technology and play we did!  The aim of our game was to get a group of people working together to a collective goal.  In this instance we were a cycling team racing against the clock and had to beat 1 min 58… we didn’t do too well….but there was much laughter and we only crashed about five times and finished in 2min 26.  We then tried it with a leader who by giving us clear instructions helped us to a better time of 1.58!

The panelists (Ru Barksfield - MD - Gruve, Sue Mitchell - Director - Top Banana, Juliet Price - Executive Director - HBAA and Charles Boyd - Director - 8 Northumberland Avenue) kicked off with some questions about who uses technology which was followed by the Q&A. Highlights from the panelists were;

* Sue Mitchell supported Ru’s earlier comments about being clear and honest about what we want technology to achieve.   She explained the benefits of using 3D Holograms on a previous event she worked on; “it really created an impact and a successful event’

* Juliet commissioned an event app for the HBAA which got off to two failed starts because they hadn’t been clear on their objectives for creating one

* Charles highlighted that whilst we have 150 people attending the event tonight where technology and in particular Musion can really add value to Conferences, Dinners and Awards events is by reaching people who are ‘E’-ttending an event from their office or home.  Musion can amplify messages.  

“The value of your event can explode if you can use technology to spread the message during and after your event”

To highlight this Charles announced a World first; 3D holographic telepresence over 4G wireless technology.
Ian O’Connell from Musion was a few miles away at Carlton House Terrace being ‘transported’ as a 3D hologram via 4G onto the stage at 8 Northumberland Avenue where the audience held a Q&A with him.

This ability to reproduce, between different locations, the best characteristics of direct human interaction that result from face-to-face meetings has been in existence for many years.  So how is this so unique and a significant improvement to the events industry?

* Telepresence normally requires an expensive fibre optic cable and a dedicated network management system operating between two venues.  It’s been no coincidence that Telecoms companies were the only people that could afford this because they could use their own lines

* This new technology using eight 4G SIM cards in a box all working together to stabilise the signal to deliver the 3D image seen, massively reduces the cost

* Telepresence in itself helps reduce costs and indeed carbon footprint: there’s no need to go to the expense of flying a key note speaker over from New York and paying for their accommodation.  But as Ian from highlighted:

"Using 3D holographic telepresence over 4G goes further and creates a “truly live experience, more immersive than talking to someone on the phone.”  

It enable people physically located in one meeting room to see 3D holographic images of people in another location as if they were sitting opposite them. We can see for ourselves that using this sort of technology amplified this event. We’ve had an increase in social media activity with new followers,  press coverage and some great pieces of feedback.

A big thank-you to our co hosts Eventopedia and our supporting partners; Blue Hut Productions, AlchemyLive, Musion, Navmotion, Juke Deck, Red Photographic, Perfect Pitch Music, Tweet Wall Pro and Virgin Atlantic.

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