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7 tips to getting through the London Marathon

London's most central venue is proud to be a part of the London Marathon! For the seventh year in a row we are the celebratory meeting point for the runners, families and friends of four amazing charities.

Created: 30th Mar 2017
You are running a marathon not a sprint so keep a steady pace at all times.

If you are running the London Marathon or know someone who is, take note of our top tips to get you to the finish line..

1. Vaseline is your friend:

- In between your toes, on your heels and chest. These are the places you will have the most friction causing pain and bleeding, so a thick layer of Vaseline is highly recommended to remain comfortable.

2. A tip for your trainers:

- If you are buying new trainers, ensure they give both comfort and support. If you own a pair that look tired and worn down, it’s best to buy a new pair sooner rather than later to have time to break them in.

3. Commit to a healthy lifestyle:

- If you enjoy indulging in wine and chocolate then this will be the most difficult part of the training. Cut out all alcohol for ideally eight weeks before the race and introduce a healthy, balanced diet.  Swap the sweet stuff for fruit and make sure you get plenty of protein, vitamins and antioxidants.  See our tips for healthier office snacks. 

4. Walk one minute for every mile:

- You are running a marathon not a sprint so keep a steady pace at all times. There is no shame in walking just focus on finishing so try not to worry about your timing.

5. Avoid energy drinks:

- As tempting as it may be to fuel yourself with energy drinks they could give you a severely bad stomach. As you are using up lots of energy, you are likely to crash, making you want more. Water will keep you constantly hydrated instead.

6. Invest in running tech:

- Try out different apps and find a tracking system that works for you. Whether you want a simple distance tracker or a high-tech gadget that communicates with you through your run, it will push you that little further to reach your goals.

7. Goodnights sleep:

- A healthy sleeping pattern is vital. Ensure you get into a routine of going to bed early, eight weeks before. This way, when it comes to the night before you will still get a substantial amount of sleep, even if you have last minute nerves.

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